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Remember how we spoke about the recurring themes that we compulsively but less consciously photograph during adventures and everyday life? (Here is a little nudge if you don't)

Well, it turns out that we are not the only ones catching themes and we are grinning from ear to here with delight that one of our favourite bloggers has agreed to share one of her themes here.

Katrina is an illustrator and film photographer who's skills we continue to admire. Her photos are mesmerising and with a consistent quality that never fails to spark  our respect.

Katrina says......

"When I am out with a camera in my hands, I don’t just photograph stuff that caught my eyes. I also look up and take photos of the highest point of buildings - they look kind of abstract in that angle and also interesting against blue (or grey!) sky. It is like I want to make the most of the area where I am photographing, to take pictures of what it look like up there when they are rarely being looked at."

Do take a look at her blog and her splendid shop and be prepared to be inspired.

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  1. What wonderful photos! I often take snapshots focused on high points when I am on holiday, not intentionally but because I don't like packs of tourists mucking up my shots... ha ha. I think I shall have to approach these type of snapshots with more of the artistry that Katrina does, because they obviously have a lot more potential than I've realised.

  2. I always appreciate themes in creative practices - love Katrina's work and blog too :)

  3. I love that you called me a "film photographer"! Might change my profile description in this rather just a "photographer".

    Thanks so much for having me, love how you do this post.

    Katrina Sophia

  4. You are funny Cee! Great way to avoid the tourists though x

  5. Ah I like this series! I hadn't thought about it before, I'm not sure if there's a recurring theme in any of my photos though!

  6. That's a really cool way of looking at things.

  7. Lovely photography by Katrina c: Xx
    I also adore here illustrations!


  8. Ace to see Kat's work on here, she takes such lovely photos. Great perspective

    Buckets & Spades


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