| Photo Diary | Notting Hill Carnival 2014

Burn out stripe top from ASOS. Backpack from Size? Eastpak, Shorts from Warehouse, Trainers Nike Air 90's
Cap from New Era, T-shirt from Ridley Road Market.

We go to Notting Hill every year for the sound systems, the caribbean food and the good vibes. The air fills with the smells of the jerked everything edged with a touch of ganja. The sounds are intoxicating and the streets shake under the thumping speakers and the riot of rumps-a-shaking. 

We think of the wind rush veterans who settled in London from the Caribbean. We celebrate their rich roots and thank heavens that they brought their musical heritage (and food) to London. Trinidad & Tobago for carnival and Jamaica for the sound system. 

And when carnival ends we want to shout for a pull-up and come again selecta. 


  1. fun!! everyone dance alll day, yes? haha i wish we have carnivals like that over here, the photos and the way you describe it makes me feel like i'm there, too. i'll say yes to coconuts + good Caribbean music, anytime! :)

  2. Notting Hill Carnival looks amazing and like so much fun. I'd love to experience it for myself one day!

  3. YES! Everyone dances all day for 2 days - over a million people all dancing in the street. It's crazy fun.

  4. It's a lot of fun. Great for photos too!

  5. I went few years ago. It was amazing and full of life! But towards at the end of day it was so crowded and I struggled to get home, which I think has put me off a little. Cool pictures and off the point, you have great legs!

    Katrina Sophia

  6. This is Notting Hill as I have never seen it - and it looks wonderful!

  7. Home time is mad mad mad! I was so happy when the E. London Overground line was sorted cos now its just about getting on at Kensal Rise and getting off at Dalston. Easy. But yeah - still crowded.

  8. looks fun! there have so many festivals here in DC from all different cultures, sakura matsuri included! We once happened upon a Mexican festival and the music and costumes were all so bright and colorful.

  9. As always, gorgeous photos! I think if I went there it would be all a bit too much for me!


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