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One of the best wardrobe discoveries I made this year was a spray. Stepping out in summer with socks on is not really my style so the Pedag Silky Touch Barefoot Spray brought comfort to my ever marching feet.

Leather T-bar sandals from ASOS.  Leather ballet pumps from Emmy Twenty.

The spray is created to protect feet from friction by wrapping them in a fine and invisible web of silk. They make wearing ballet flats and sandals in summer much more comfortable not only by lessening any rubbing but also by providing a deodorising effect.

The lovely people at Supreme Shoe Care sent me a can to try out on my adventures this summer and like everything sent my way, I really put it to the test. It came with me to Porto where we walked up to 7 hours a day, to Greece where I lived in flip flops and even right here in London where I use it with trainers socks for my missions through the city. The spray costs £8.95 which is such a good deal for such an excellent product. Grab one HERE

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  1. Honestly I've never heard of such a thing but owning shoes I avoid because of the rub - a silk web sounds delightful :)

  2. Whaaat I never knew this existed but I need it, my feet are destroyed! It looks like I can't get it sent to Australia so I'll have to find an equivalent here.

  3. So cool, had never heard of it before, will have to get myself some :)) x

  4. What a brilliant product idea! I will only wear socks if I have absolutely no other option, no matter what the weather - I don't know why, I've just always despised them. The result, of course, is that I frequently have blistered feet. I've recently discovered a blister stick that helps with that to a degree, but it's made of something not unlike vegetable oil, and silk sounds so very much more appealing.

  5. I like socks for brogues and such but feel very silly wearing them with ballet flats so this is such a saviour!

  6. I am sure that you can fine something similar in Australia. Give it a go if you can xx

  7. i had no idea stuff like this existed. so good to know! i live in sandals during the warmer months!


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