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Where I grew up in Africa, we do not often call the sun hot. We call it fierce or severe. We say "jua kali".

One day in Stone Town when it was jua kali, we found ourselves completely lost in the maze that is the Capital of Unguja (also called Zanzibar). Drowsy with the heat, we came across a man sat outside a brightly coloured shop. The man said to us;

"Rafiki, come into my shop and have some tea. I have good tea and I have air-conditioning".

However, we were on a mission to find a particular street market, so I replied most politely....

"Baadaye Bwana! We are going somewhere but we will be back. I promise you".

And so it was that we went to where we wanted to be. Before long and after a lot of haggling, we grew thirsty and so returned to the shop where we found the man looking somewhat forlorn and despondent. Then, when he saw us he exclaimed...."Waaaaah you really came back! You kept your promise! You must be really good people. Asante sana for keeping your promise". 

And that is how we ended up in the House of Spices hiding for a while from the jua kali drinking carom tea,ginger tea and spiced iced coffee.

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  1. That sounds like an amazing place.
    I would love to read a book of your life story. I bet it's a truly amazing tale.

  2. Cheers Fiona. Just an everyday thing but it brought warmth to our souls. Such a small thing made someone so happy!

  3. Hello Charlotte. I fear it would either bore you to abstraction or plunge you into fear. Life is a curious thing.

  4. This looks like my kind of place, what a gorgeous atmosphere :)) x

  5. Lovely place filled with character! People surprise us everyday and vice versa!

  6. love this story~ it's like a chapter out of a novel.. a kind of novel i wouldn't want to put down. :)

  7. A persons word is everything! His shop is lovely.

  8. Good tea and air conditioning - it sounds like a perfect combination after a day in severe sun... which is how I have always imagined that the sun feels in Africa.


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