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The encouraging words from readers, friends and family have really given me the impetus to persevere with my sewing ambitions. I know that my will shouldn't really rely on others but I cannot help that my tummy still becomes a fluttery of jitteriness when I wear something that I've made. 

My latest project was another from Deer and Doe. The Chataigne Shorts.

Shorts are handmade with Deer and Doe Pattern Short Chataigne
Breton Sailor Shirt from Le Minor.

Purple gabadine + Liberty of London Kitty Grace B cotton lawn.

Having now completed my second Deer and Doe pattern I can honestly say that their instructions are easy to follow and their sizings and fit are spot on for me. I could probably have gone a size smaller but you know me! I prefer a relaxed fit these days.

There is room for creativity with this pattern but I kept it simple and opted for a low waisted version with simple tidy cuffs. I used a purple gabardine (made in UK) that cost me £6.00 in my local fabric shop and used up a remnant of Liberty fabric for the facings and pocket linings. 

I have already made up my mind to make another pair in the future. I'm thinking of a cosy wool/flannel for winter.

P.S. I've signed up to Kollabora and you can find me HERE! If you haven't already heard of Kollabora it's great. It's a place where makers of all levels can share inspiration, projects, ideas and patterns. Well worth a look I say.

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Location: Porto, Portugal.


  1. Another little bit of perfection from your sewing machine, Yasumi. I know that your confidence hasn't quite caught up with your skill yet but I am always so impressed by your creations and in particular the little details you add, like the Liberty fabric on the inside of these shorts. Those hidden details are the things I love most about well-made clothing :)

  2. I love this!! I'm intrigued w/ the "Sweeties in my Pocket" Chardon Skirt pattern. I must have some mid-weight cotton sateen in my stash somewhere.. but I wonder if this may work for something wrinkle-free, like wool?

  3. love it! it's suits you so well. I wish I have such talent. I can hardly sew well haha. also, it look amazing paired with that striped sailor shirt.

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  4. You MADE these? That's so awesome, they're so fancy! Love the backdrop of the first two photos too.

  5. you have done a great job with the shorts and the lining just looks great, but can we just give a shout out to that incredible wall?!

    Buckets & Spades

  6. :) It's always lovely to be able to make things yourself - they turned out great!

  7. And you inspire me to sew. I don't think I can take on skirts and shorts but I wish I could. But perhaps I'm limiting myself before I even try. I would love to get my hands on a sewing machine and start with simple things and eventually do more from there. I hope it'll be a good experience for me! These shorts are great!!

  8. I think you did an AMAZING job! I just love the pattern in the waist lining and the inside pockets. So fun. Really elevates the shorts. Great job, keep going and sharing!

  9. You should really have a shop or online store! People would buy your designs! You are excellent at sewing and create wearable styles. So much charm. Love your outfit!

  10. Wahhh the first picture is mindblowing! Look at those tiles c;
    And I can't believe you sew those pair of shorts! They look
    really neat c: Xx

  11. You look amazing doll, love these shorts. And I adore these tiles, so perfect xx

  12. Those look amazing! And I really love the colour too


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