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Dress codes are such needless things. 

Jersey skirt - that I've hitched up a bit bought in 2011 worn HERE

Hands in the air for my Nike Air like Mr Vegas!
Beaded necklace was bought in Johannesburg written about HERE
Clutch purse from Aspiga as written about HERE
Carefully crafted beaded items bought fairly. Old denim that I wear even when crumpled. Stripes that I cannot change. New birthday trainers from Hiro.  A bit of Africa and a whole lot of London for a dash around my stomping ground.  All the elements of a comfortable outfit that makes me feel like me.

P.S. If you are heading to Nottinghill Carnival this weekend, take your good vibes and say hello if you see us! And here's something to get you in the mood:

(Unaffiliated)LINK | Aspiga Shop  


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous!! I think people should just dress as they like and forget all the rules :) Happy weekend doll xx

  2. Great outfit! Looks great and comfy, my kind of outfit. Have a lovely weekend. The carnival sounds fun, enjoy!

  3. Love your personal style. Yea! Don't conform!! You look so tall and statuesque!

  4. Awesome style and I like your words too *nods in agreement*

  5. Love the outfit! I am totally with you on dressing the way you want! I have been told so many times in my life that I was dressing wrong. It drove me nuts. Then what I wore became a trend and everyone who told me I shouldn't be wearing skater skirts and baggy jeans were all wearing them. It irritated me terribly! It was many many years ago but that has really kept me firm about wearing what I want without caving into trends or people's opinions!

  6. Can't beat stripes! Ooh have a good time at the Notting Hill Carnival!

  7. the beaded necklace is so beautiful! it makes the whole outfit all the more special. my mum makes a lot of beaded necklace back at my hometown, it reminds me of her patience :) you're right about the dress code x

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  8. I agree. Dress codes make life so dull. Sadly I have to work within one on a daily basis and I often feel like it is slowly crushing my creativity or, at least, having a negative impact on my shopping habits - if I buy anything, I always have to ask myself if it's work appropriate. And yet, does how I look affect my work? Not in the slightest, of course. And if trainers and a crumpled denim shirt are what makes you happy, they are exactly what you should be wearing.

  9. That's definitely how it should be! Your necklace is gorgeous! Love your skirt :D

  10. I dislike dresscodes, which I think started at a very young age. I've just always hated being told what to wear; if I get invited to a fancydress party that's even worse. Nice to see you on here again, always love your eclectic style Yasumi.

    Buckets & Spades

  11. I love your necklace! So wish I could go to Notting Hill Carnival this year, it's always great fun. I hope you have a lovely time XX

  12. lovely outfit!
    have fun at the carnival ^^


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