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For as long as I can remember, I have been seeking ADVENTURE.

My childhood home in Kenya was filled to the rafters with people.
People coming;
and going;
and resting just for a while.

We didn't have a big home. It was in fact, a poorly built structure that stood in a generous expanse of land but was crumbling at its edges and disintegrating from within.

Mum had a big heart and a habit of taking in anyone that called on her for help. We made room for a few Ugandan refugees that made it over the border,  a few Soweto Freedom Fighters escaping incarceration. We even made room for dubious "long-lost family members" who somehow convinced my mother that we were related in some round about the moon and back sort of way while they devoutly sponged off her generosity. There we all cramped inside our home. And these were the "additions" to the main household that was at one point about 10 strong.

Space inside the home at least, was a very precious and sought after thing. Thus, I spent most of my time outside. Escaping the imprisoning words of adults. Seeking silence. Hoping always, for adventure. And I always found it. In the trees, in the fields of maize, in the forgotten tumbledown places that we could not afford to maintain.

I would sometimes watch Disney films(when the power supply would allow)and dream of having a bedroom to myself filled with toys and fine white cotton bed linen. But that was a distant dream. In reality, I had to share my bed with my sister, and "my bedroom" with 3 others. I never had the nerve, will or the heart to complain.

At school, I would find ways to be alone but this was misread by my single minded teachers as evidence of me being "troubled". Perhaps I was. I didn't think so at the time, not at least until some adult put the idea into my  head.

Perhaps this is why I find myself guarding my own space and time so vehemently and I am quite certain that this is where my hunger for adventure (all big and small, near and far) begun.

Location: Morogoro, Tanzania.


  1. i've been there too, in fact, i still do it sometimes - finding time to be alone that people think i'm 'troubled'. but i value my own space more that anything so sometimes, i couldn't care less :) i never have my own room too when i was a kid, i have 3 other sisters and we shared everything. love your story, so inspiring <3

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  2. From a very early age you knew this at least. I feel like I've learnt a lot about you in this post Yasumi, you paint a very clear picture. Lovely post.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. love hearing about people's upbringings yours sounds full of descriptive stories - lovely entry :)

  4. this part of your life intrigues me so much yasumi -- when you were in kenya. your parents also sound like such interesting and amazing people.

  5. I didn't have my own room growing up either. The entire family had to share a room for a long time, so I'm always seeking solace by being alone to read my books. My adventures were always in the books. I was also labeled "troubled" and "anti-social" because of it. I tried most of my early life trying to escape these labels, but now that I'm older, those "labels" don't seem to have as much power over me like it used to.
    What an interesting post. It brought back some memories that I had forgotten.

  6. This is such a wonderful post, Yasumi. I know that we seek adventure in similar ways, but the origins of how we came to this are very different. I grew up in a very comfortable home in North America where we all had our own space, where everything had a particular place that it belonged and no problem was ever too difficult to solve in time for dinner. I go after adventure because my life has been comfortable and because what I have learned from that is that comfort, while comfortable, is not a place where were thrive, it is just a place where we exist. There is no struggle, no desire to expand, create or innovate because we already have what we need. Comfort, for me, is stagnation.

  7. This post really touched my heart! Wanting your own space etc is very understandable. I truly believe we are products of our childhood. Those experiences really do shape us. Your mom did a beautiful thing by helping others whether they were in need or not. She extended herself to them.

  8. This was great to read. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't have the private space you wished for as a child, but it's lovely to hear that it has inspired you and shaped you as an adult.

  9. Beautiful words. You are incredible. <3

  10. This was wonderful doll, I can understand the need for space. I didn't have the biggest home and there was my sisters always there to share a room with. Now I quite love my space and going places and exploring as I did it a lot as a child to find my own space. I sat up in trees or under my bed or wherever I could find to daydream and explore. This photo is beautiful xx

  11. beautiful post :)
    your life sounds so interesting and your parents sound like they had huge compassion for others

  12. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I agree, labels get less sticky as we get wiser and a bit tougher. We have the right to just be after all.


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