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When Eastpak kindly sent a Transverz our way, there was only one thing for it. Open it, fill it up and then drag it on an adventure! 

Well, how else are we to test it? And test it we did. By the time these photos were taken, it had been rather abruptly carted about London, shunted around a manic Stanstead Airport, checked in as hold baggage where is was undoubtably juggled about about mercilessly. Once we arrived at our destination, we proceeded to haul the Transverz along the rather rugged patchwork of cobbles that delineate Porto's streets.

Eastpak Transverz + Killington - Returnity
Skirt is made + designed by me. Top is from ASOS

Our particular Transverz is regarded as a  cabin-sized case that is apparently approved by most airlines and a fact that we chose to ignore during our test drive. It is part of Eastpak's Travel Gear collection that was created in celebration of their outdoor heritage. Made with "rough and tough materials" the Transverz is made to laugh in the face of knocks (and bullish baggage handlers). 

When Eastpak promised us that these handsome fellows are quality tested, well quality is what we expected and impressively it made it to Porto via baggage-class where it chilled out for 3 days and then endured the rush back home again.  

Although the reality of us using the Transverz for our longer, further afield adventures is unlikely due to its size and our preference for backpacks as hand luggage, it does make a handsome case for cross-country and short city trips. As Hiro has already decided that it will be his side-kick for work-related gallivanting, you can look forward to his thoughts appearing here soon.

Lightweight - weighs in at 2.5kg
Will carry a 17.3" laptop
Smart leather details.
Volume: 42L
Dimensions: 44 x 28 cm (hand luggage friendly size)
Warranty: 30 years (now that's confidence)

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  1. I need to invest into some more travel friendly luggage (as moronic as that sounds). Love the skirt pattern.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  2. You already know my thoughts on backpacks, Yasumi :) But I must say, although they aren't for me, I will never cease to admire your ability to beautifully mix the staunchly practical - a tough backpack and trainers, in this case - with the loveliest, most feminine pieces, like that beautiful skirt.

  3. admittedly this is much cooler than my current offering, though mine is practical still. How did it cope in terms of being a soft case, I know you mentioned it laughs in the face of handlers but does it protect your items still?

    Buckets & Spades

  4. glad it worked out and i absolutely love your skirt!

  5. NICE pack - I wanna get one for our next adventure

  6. that is a great size bag for exploring and adventuring! love it! and i love love your skirt!

  7. I would never had thought to buy anything like that before, but actually that bag is pretty stylish and looks to be sturdy. Love how the blogging community makes me be more open minded as a consumer! :D


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