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Viarco has over one hundred years of experience with pencils making it one of, if not the oldest pencil factory in Europe. The brand is well known among the pencil aficionados of the world, but what really warms the heart is the thought of the generations of Portuguese that learned to read and count with a Viarco pencil.

Today Viarco is ceaseless in their innovations and continue to churn out over 6.5 million pencils a year. While in Portugal, my eyes and imagination was caught by their collection of Quintais e Jardins de Portugal pencils. These pencils are imbued with the aroma and nostalgia of the cedar wood shavings in the factory and the familiar flowers that appear in the backyards and ornamental gardens of Portugal.

Viarco's scented pencils include:

  •  Jasmim - Jasmin
  •  Flor de Laranjeira - Orange Blossom
  •  Figueira - Fig tree
  •  Peonia - Peony
  •  Lirio do Campo - Lily of the Valley.

I managed to collect 4 out of the five fragrances and though I am utterly enamoured by them. I would be delighted to let a few go to a few of our readers! 

 photo WorshipbluesViarco2_zps181c18b8.jpg

 photo WorshipbluesViarco_zpsfd1196ee.jpg

Win one of 2 sets of scented pencils. Each set contains 4 pencils all individually wrapped to preserve the fragrance, handsomely wrapped up and sealed within brown paper.

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- If the winner does not contact me in 1 week of announcement, then I will pick a new winner.

- Closing date is Midnight (UK time)  3rd September 2014.

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  1. Scented pencils!?! Oh my goodness, I'm so amazed, hahaha!! How marvellous, this is just right for me, I love stuff like this. Though I do love the smell of pencils ordinarily, the thought of having some that could smell like my favourite flowers is just so awesome!! Thank you for this giveaway...good luck to everyone :))) xx

  2. I can smell the pencils from here :).

  3. This is such a fun giveaway! I never knew that scented pencils existed!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  4. How beautiful, I've never heard if scented pencils before x

  5. What a kind and thoughtful giveaway - the idea of scented pencils really is so charming!

  6. My fascination with your brush rolls is what prompted me to follow you on facebook. Then captivating photosnippets appeared and here we are. I especially enjoy your sensual scent forays.

  7. Oh wow! Scented pencils! That is awesome. Love the packaging.

  8. Beautiful and thoughtful giveaway!

  9. these look gorgeous, I've entered x

    Trona @ Aye Lined 

  10. I love how things are never just things from your eyes. This pencil is more than a pencil and you make me appreciate its history and richness! Fingers crossed!

  11. ohmygosh these sound amazing ^^ i've never heard of scented pencils before, ahhhhhhh so amazing


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