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It's been over a year since we last mentioned my walk through Mumbai and though I have since visited quite a few places, I still regard the people of Mumbai as some of the most warm and welcoming city dwellers in the world.

It didn't matter that we spoke different languages, this young lad came and grabbed my hand to lead me to who I guess are his relatives. They all wanted their photos taken and they seemed happy when I showed them the images on my camera.

Then, having seen me with his neighbours, another fellow popped up and welcomed me into his workshop willing me to take photos all the while. I wish I could have understood what he was trying to tell me. He seemed very proud of whatever it was he was doing - some kind of metal work I reckon.

I was touched by these everyday people doing everyday things happy to invite a stranger into their midst.


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  1. these are beautiful portraits, yasumi.

  2. Great street photography! I especially like the man in his shop, with his machine whirring in the background (blurred from the motion.)

  3. How charming that these people were so willing to accept a stranger into their midst. I daresay that sounds like the exact opposite of the sorts of interactions that I have with strangers on a daily basis. I know that computer and other technology play a part in isolating us, but I sometimes think that financial comfort can have the same effect as we have less need to rely on others.

  4. This was wonderful, stunning images. And its so nice they wanted you to come and take their photo as well. xx

  5. Oh I miss Mumbai. I worked with Maharashtra Tourism a few moons ago and so loved discovering it and beyond.

  6. love these portraits, as if they're telling their story through their expressions, in a way. it's so interesting to see how people live in different parts of the world, thank you for sharing your travels <3

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  7. That's lovely :) Beautiful pictures and despite lacking words you can read a lot from them.

  8. They are so gorgeous! Love their hair.


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