| Photo Diary | Akimbo

Top from H&M. Sunglasses from Liberty also worn HERE

Trousers from Vivienne Westwood also worn HERE in Japan + HERE in Berlin.
Sandals from Office also worn in Turkey HERE

My mum somehow equated the act of standing with hands on the hips with possessing an almighty attitude problem. I was scolded countless times for standing with my arms akimbo! Today I can sit here laughing about it and wondering why, despite all the reprimanding I let myself in for, I STILL insist on standing like this. 

Oh mamma, I wonder if you were here now, would you laugh or tell me off again?


  1. Haha I do that a lot too! Especially at work, I have to correct myself just in case it makes people think of me as having an attitude problem too!

  2. My mom was just the same about standing with hands on hips - whereas it was just a comfortable way to stand for me, to her it was a sign of attitude and goodness me, I certainly heard about it. And yet, I still find myself resting my hands on my hips when I'm standing for long periods of time. They have to go somewhere, after all! You are the picture of simple elegance in these photos.

  3. Hehe funny! You look too cool, by the way. xx

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  4. beautiful photo's. i love all of the street art that you snap

  5. I catch myself doing this pretty much every day actually, unsure as to why I do it over than a comfort thing. I can't stop looking at the face in the water, are we around your area here?

    Buckets & Spades

  6. I like standing with my arms on my hips too - it makes me feel powerful and energized!

  7. i love your outift. and i dig that pose! my mom always had some words to say about some stances or things i would do like. they are great because they get to nag us like that no? :)

  8. Love the first photo and the one with the reflection in the water. I stand cross-armed and arms on hips all the time. Where else am I supposed to put my hands?!? And why can men do it and not get slack for it?!?!?!

  9. Well, I rather hope that the answer is that she would laugh... I'm a hands on hips stance person too.
    That reflection photo is so beautiful - I keep scrolling back to it.
    And oh, those Vivienne Westwood trousers: they are inducing pangs of envy.

  10. You look gorgeous as always and I love this place :) I'm sure your momma would do both, I wish she was there to do so :)) xx


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