| Night Lights | Dalston 2010

Way back in 2010, we posted a few photos of Dalston by night. Back then our photos were tiny and back then Dalston was quite a bit darker at night. 

The blog has moved on and in the short space of time since then and our photos have grown and Dalston has become a different place. Today we are revisiting one of Hiro's earliest documentations of night light. 

Lights would shiver, spark up and exhale a dirty glow. The shadows where inky pools that hesitated across the shattered tarmac. The nights were emptier, sirens would shriek their way across Dalston. 

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  1. night lights are amazing to capture, these photos are so beautiful! x

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  2. I like re-photographing places myself to see how my photography has progressed. Nice to feel you're moving forward - with bigger images for the win!

  3. So pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Yasumi.

    Katrina Sophia

  4. These are beautiful! I love all of them but the second to last one is pretty!

  5. beautiful photography!
    I love the red bus. everything looks so much prettier at night

  6. Stunning pictures :))) The second to last one is my favourite xx


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