Give Thanks

I started this blogging adventure as a beauty blogger. Then one day I looked at my blog and it made me feel a bit sad. Sad because it was not an honest representation of me as a person neither did it represent my varied interests. And, if I am brutally honest, blogging about beauty only fuelled a spending habit for things that I rarely even used. 

It was a defining moment when I decided that having stuff to blog about does not solely need to be material stuff. Buying to blog is not something that I never felt comfortable with especially when I have a lot of stuff constantly churning about in my head like so many noodles in a bowl. Then the "noodles" became stuff that fed this blog.  The stories that I have collected, the people that I have met, the ideas that I have found, the adventures, the thoughts.....And yes, the stuff actually worth buying all ends up here in one way or another. Eventually, Hiro got more involved and now regularly blogs alongside me. Together we keep the view from the House of Worshipblues wide and varied and make it a blog that we can be proud of.  

We've been mightily fortunate to attract really inspiring people to work with and we are so grateful for all the opportunities that have come our way through blogging. We are continually astonished at how far our little stories make it around the globe and it makes us smile that we've reached out to people as far away from London as Hawaii! People who are now cherished friends. 

Most of all we are grateful to all our readers who have stuck with us even as the beauty related posts dwindled to the occasional few and the more curious posts took over. Thank you to everyone that has followed our adventures and our missions to find more soulfully created everyday items. 

We are so grateful for your visits, your comments and emails.


Y + H


  1. Mahalo to you too! Thank you for producing one of the most thought provoking, delicate and meaningful blog I have ever found.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. reading this makes me happy, because it's honest, real and i am grateful for bloggers like you. i have just started mine few months back and i keep reminding myself that for it to grow, it will have to grow with me, with my thoughts and experiences. because that's the very reason i started it in the first place. you are one of my favorite! thank you x

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  3. I love your blog, it is always wonderful to come here and read of all your curious adventures. It is one of my favourite treasures :) And I'm happy you blog on things that interest you and make you happy as they have made others happy too!! Long may it continue!! Xxx

  4. I used to struggle with trying to blog about just one subject, because I kept hearing this was the best way to blog. But when you think about it, people are complex creatures, and often have more than one field of interest. So it's only natural that you'd want to show more than just one aspect of yourself on your blog. It is after all a place for self-expression.

    I'm really glad you found a way to blog about more than just beauty, I really enjoy reading your blogposts.


  5. I really love your blog, it's so interesting and always wonderful to read. It's definitely one of my favourites because it's so different and doesn't just blog about what every other blogger is doing :) can't wait to read more :)

  6. This is such a lovely post! I really am happy that I stumbled on your blog, I love the stories you tell, they are always beautiful and unusual. It is so lovely to find a blog which truly represents the people behind it. There are too many soulless blogs out there, I always come away from yours feeling I've learnt something new and wonderful about the world! Keep doing what your doing. Lally XX

  7. Yasumi and Hiro, your blog is always a pleasure to read - no matter what the subject of the post may be (and the curiouser, the better, as far as I'm concerned!) Beauty and fashion blogs have their place but what attracts me to a blog is not so much the subject matter as the writer or writers; if they have depth and character and can keep me intrigued. You two more than do that; I look forward to each and everyone of your posts (and often feel the need to show them to my husband, too.) Keep doing what you do, and thank-you for sharing it with all of us :)

  8. your blog is one of my favourites and I love everything you (both) post about. I'm feeling the same way about my blog at the moment, I still enjoy doing beauty posts but it just doesn't feel right, y'know? So I'm unsure what I'm going to do.


    Trona @ Aye Lined 


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