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What I love about French tea blends is their unapologetically opulent, extravagant and indulgent concoctions. One of my firm favourites is Bel Ami by Marriage Frères.

Bearing the name of Maupassant's novel Bel Ami, is an intoxicatingly fragranced rooibos tea blend. Naturally sweet and caffeine free, Bel Ami is reveals a luxurious arrangement of roses and safflowers at its heart with whisperings of vanilla and pomegranate floating throughout.

Bel Ami pairs well with caramel flavoured confections and is equally lovely on its own at the end of a busy day. It is comforting though not in a fluffy quilt kind of way but in an exotic silk world kind of way. I have no idea what that mean by the way but I have a great time letting my imagination escape into it.

The tea cup is a rare vintage find. It was made by Paragon China - a British bone china manufacturing company established in Stoke-on-Trent in 1897. Sadly, despite receiving a great many Royal warrants, the company ceased to exist in it's own right in the 1960's and even more unfortunate still, the early Paragon pattern books are presumed lost! 


  1. This sounds lovely and I adore the packaging.

  2. I have never met a Mariages Freres tea that I didn't love. Marco Polo is my standby, but Bel Ami sounds delightful, too. And it looks so beautiful in that teacup, what an absolute shame that Paragon China is no in business! And how lucky you are to have found one of their lovely creations despite that.

  3. Your tea cup is absolutely gorgeous. Sad to read the company is no longer in business, I feel they would do well now days.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  4. Love . . . I love a pretty tea cup!

  5. Sounds yummy, I love drinking different type of tea - I have ginger & lemon, peppermint and strawberry & raspberry sitting on the kitchen shelf at the moment!

    Loving the packaging and the tea cup is matching!

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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