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Show me your new stuff and the chances are that I will like it. Show me your well designed carefully considered things with a heritage story and I will will probably like that more. But, show me something that you have had with you for years and years and it will steal my heart.

I just love to see people using something that they cannot part with. All the better if  the item has seen better days or even if it is quite possibly on its last legs (perhaps held together with tape or glue or string). I have this notion that such things have outgrown the status of being a mere material possession but have become faithful companions that have taken life's knocks with us. They have their own stories and I am quite certain that if they could talk to us they would remind us of many memories that slipped from our thoughts.  

One such example comes from my colleague in South Africa who takes her pencil case everywhere! 

"I've had this pencil case for nearly 20 years now and I take it everywhere. I will only ever buy handbags that it can fit neatly inside otherwise I won't buy the handbag. This is why I only have 3 handbags.

One time, I thought I forgot it in Kroonstad and was ready to drive the 80km back to go and retrieve it. I felt so lost without it. How can you think without a pen or a pencil case? Eventually I found it underneath my car seat. I was so very relieved." By Sanette in South Africa.

I want to tell the stories of our cherished stuff. The stuff that we've had for years, use frequently and treasure. The stuff that perhaps some others may mistake for rubbish but the stuff it would pain us to loose.  So if you have something that you would like to share, please do submit it to questions @ worshipblues.com with your name and blog URL. But regular readers are welcome to submit a story too!

Hope to hear from you soon.


  1. i love this post so much! i can't wait to see more from folks who submit!

  2. Love this, so getting involved!

  3. What a wonderful and interesting idea! I am now trying to think if I have anything that might qualify and I realised that the answer was so obvious, I almost felt silly. When I worked in retail as a university student, I bought a black cardigan one day at the store because I was cold. That was in 2006. Today, as I type this, I am wearing the same cardigan at my desk at work. It was seen me through three cities, more jobs than I can count and it is faded, stretched, warped and pilled but... it is my favourite cardigan and until I find the exact same one to replace it, I never will.

  4. This is such a sweet story. I don't have a similar item that comes to mind, but I love old pictures a lot and I'm always trying to save pictures of my family and preserve them. It really pains me to lose old notebooks as well, because it's like history being erased in front of my eyes.

    Another Beautiful Thing


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