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No trip to Tokyo is complete without a trip to at least one branch of Kapital for us. We like the mash-up of unique, vintage, "boro", laid back styling of their garments. Our  Kapital shopping lists start to grow at least a month before we touch down in Japan when many an hour in London is spent browsing their website earmarking items to that we have to try on! Every Kapital shop is a treat to visit. A treat both visually and in terms of inspiration as their interiors are very handsome.

I wore Kapital Jeans HERE + Hiro wore Kapital HERE and HERE

Kapital is fast growing in it's cult status within the global denim aficionado communities. Founded in 1984 in Okayama the denim capital of Japan, Kapital brings Japanese manufacturing and quality standards into a  heady mix + blend of styles borrowed from classic American workwear, folksy vibes with heritage Japanese dying, weaving, stitching techniques and vision.

Hiro is really fussy and serious about his denim you can read some of his thoughts about it HERE

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  1. these are the kinda stores i think of when i see japan, in my head. organised chaos would be an insult, they sure know how to create the right environment. Hiro is a big fan of navy like me!

  2. The Japanese have such a knack for creating an ambience. Its like tapping into a dream, an idea, and making a world around it. Whether its animation or retail or a suburban garden. Terrible generalisation I'm sure, but I admire it very much.

  3. Stores like this are the best kind... the ones you want to start browsing long before you arrive, to be sure you don't miss a single thing! We have a few shops like this in Paris that we love although none that look quite so unique as Kapital. Those denim teddy bears are something else, quirky and stylish and sweet all at once.

  4. Amazing place, I love the bears, so cute :)) Would be brilliant to have a venture in here, I like how full it is and so much to look at!! Perfect :)) x

  5. oh my gosh yasumi. i love this place! i love the patterns and cuts of their pieces.


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