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Remember how we previously mentioned that we'd be exploring our own photo archives in search of recurring themes that we have compulsively but less consciously been capturing? Well, we've realised that we BOTH are regularly distracted by market stalls wherever we end up!

Character-pipe stall in Akayu, Japan.
African and Carribbean food stall in Ridley Road Market, London.
General goods stall in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Snack stall in Mumbai, India.
There is something about these humble temporary make-shift structures that just calls to us. Perhaps it is the clash of colours and the way the wares are all rammed and crammed into a little space that appeals to us. Of course this is exactly what they are designed to do! Yet,  we admire them because they are owned by everyday people who are trying to make a living in this world of huge big malls and supermarkets. Everyday fighting.


  1. Love these photos, and the contract between them. For some reason, I like to take photos of side streets. I have no idea why, but I just have so many of them!

  2. Cute that you are going through old photos to see what you are drawn to. I love the colors in the photos and the mish mash of products. The last one is especially interesting with the make-shift stall contrasted with shiny, new, "western" type snack bags.

  3. Beautiful photographs! There is something very captivating about rows and rows of brightly coloured objects. I love the amazing sign in the first image too, the colours are wonderful! xx

  4. Everyday fighting, indeed. We see so few of these types of stalls in Canada and I can't imagine how they would be a viable business if we had them, but I always true to visit our local mini-marts instead of large grocery stores. The prices are a bit higher but you know exactly where the money is going - to support the family who owns the store.

  5. Beautiful photos! Colourful stalls makes a place unique

  6. I love those colourful stalls. There are some great ones in India, unfortunately I lost most of the pictures :( craving to visit again to take pictures again!

    Katrina Sophia


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