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While we were admiring sakura in Eboshiyama park, we stayed at an inn (ryokan) called Daimonjiya. 

I've banged on and on about why we prefer ryokan over hotels before but (incase you are new to this blog) essentially, we prefer the homely atmosphere, the personality and the quirks of an independently run ryokan. While every ryokan will differ, you can be sure of generous hospitality. 

The rooms:

Our room turned out to be a whole lot more that just one room.  We ended up with 1 bedroom, large sitting room and a bathroom. Each one was spotless and spacious. 

The bath:

Akayu Onsen is a spa town with mineral rich natural hot springs. Daimonjiya's bath was particularly good for muscle aches, burns, fatigue and neuralgia. 

Daimonjiya has separate baths for men and women and a kashikiri-buro or privately bookable bath (no extra cost) available too.

Yonezawa beef prepared for shabu-shabu


Pork prepared for cooking at the table.
The dinner:

Dinner was a feast! Served in our own private little dining room, it was a  huge tasty affair composed of perhaps 5 different dishes of various sizes and as much rice as we could handle. In the mix of things was a beef shabu-shabu, sashimi, grilled fish, pork yakiniku,

The highlight of which was the locally produced Yonezawa beef (1st food pic). Most foodies will have heard of Kobe beef. Well, Yonezawa beef is up there as one of Japan's 3 prized beefs, less known internationally but celebrated within Japan for its taste and marvellous marbling that makes it almost buttery soft and succulent. 

The breakfast

I was far hungry when I woke but the sight of the food lovingly prepared for us and the knowledge that we had another long journey ahead of us stirred my appetite.

The location

About 7 minutes drive or a 20 minute walk from Akayu station, Daimonjiya sits at the foot of Eboshiyama park. While we were there, it seemed as though the place was wearing a crown of cherry blossoms. Such a wonderful sight.

From Tokyo you will need to get your Japan Rail Pass out and book yourself on a bullet train. We jumped on the Tsubasa bullet train from Tokyo station and exactly 2 hours and 19 minutes later we were at Akayu.

Hiro wears a Watanabe Junya jacket. Happy Socks, Acne Jeans and Eastpak.

The cost:

With the exchange rate at the time, we paid £74.00 per person for dinner, bed and breakfast and use of the kashikiri-buro. Other thoughtful things included in the price was a toothbrush, hairbrush and hand towel for use at the bath. Also we had use of a yukata, jacket and slippers. The only additional cost was our alcoholic drinks.

Daimonjiya seems to be run by the dearest old couple. The old lady did most of running around while we were there yet she always had the time to stop and be friendly. Although English is not spoken there are lots of English leaflets etc explaining things so it would not be a problem for non-Japanese speakers to stay here.

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  1. Ahhh...this looks like pure bliss!! Of course I love the food, but the rooms look so peaceful. I'm interested in this bathroom, never seen such a spot like this!! And the trees, oooh love. Love it so much :)) Super post doll xx

  2. You always take me to wonderful places, my dear friend. It would wonderful if you could visit me. I live in Málaga- Andalusi-South of Spain

  3. Oh God this is a great place to visit, I'll follow your suggestions!

  4. so so helpful! i would also love to experience the homely feel over a hotel :)

  5. Thanks for the review. I'd love to stay at a inn but never tried it since my Japanese is almost non-existent. My dad loves them and usually loves chatting w the owners. I could see him chatting away w the lady in the above photo :)

  6. What a charming place! I am filing this away for the day when we finally make it to Japan - Paris keeps getting in the way, not that I mind ;) It's the attention to detail that always strikes me in everything when you post photos of Japan, from the architecture to the decor and especially the food. That beef - I've never seen anything so perfect looking before, and this coming from an avowed vegetarian!

  7. Looks like such a nice and cozy stay!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  8. this is such a cute little place! and that dinner? looks delicious

    Little Blue Backpack

  9. that bath! I mean the food & the rest too but the bath!!!

  10. YUMMY! This makes me hungry! Lunchtime

  11. Thank you for the insight into staying at ryokan rather than hotels. I think I'd definitely pay for the hospitality and homely quality of the service and food (wow!).


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