| Photo Diary | We Walk, We Learn.

We learn through walking. Because as we walk, we hear the sounds and stories of a place. We smell the foods, the industry and the weather of it and we learn from that too.

Shirt from HUH by Simply Y.A.S. Long shorts from ASOS. 

Trainers are Nike Free Run 3.0. Socks are from Tabio.
The bag I made myself using cloth from Marimekko.
We feel the invisible sinews that drift through the mood of a place. We walk and learn through cobbled streets, alley ways, landscaped gardens, mean streets, posh neighbourhoods, office block after office block, warehouses and high rises. We walk past gated complex with their 'keep out' attitudes. We walk and walk and walk and learn.

While many people prefer the more glossy and well-maintained old world glamour of the more affluent areas of London, we will always take the street view as our scenic route. To us the beauty of a place is not always encapsulated in bricks, architecture or history of a place but in the people who live here. This is life and learning laid out in front of us. The stories that are shaping inner-city London. The kind that is not meant to be read about but to be submerged in and lived. 


  1. Where were these shot Yasumi? I'm guessing east by the colourful bins (which I haven't seen before). I really do love the way you write, you can say things that I can only wish I could hear. Lovely outfit too, the bigger shapes are a thumbs up.

  2. I like your clothes and trainers

  3. I can see Elephant & Castle!

    Loving your effortlessly cool outfit and I want that sneakers!

    Katrina Sophia

  4. really beautiful post! you're so right about learning whilst we walk. just wandering random streets, taking everything in.

  5. I love it. It's real. And that's what I love most :) x

  6. We learn by walking - no truer words have ever been written. We have lived car free for our entire adult lives and I feel that I experience the world so much more by walking whenever my destination isn't too far that I need to take transit. The sights, the sounds and, indeed, the smells of the world - they're all part of life. This is how we prefer to travel, too, mostly walking to truly discover cities, rather than simply hopping from guidebook attraction to guidebook attraction.
    PS: You did such a lovely job on that Marimekko tote, it's beautiful!

  7. I love walking in places so very much too. It is the only way to get to know a little bit about it
    Wonderful pics

    1. I've noticed! I want to go for a walk with you!!

  8. i love your love for inner cities. beautiful writing. i always enjoy reading your posts!


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