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It is currently quite hot in London. It's at times and climes like this that I wish we lived closer to the sea. I would run into the water clothes and all and relish the coolness of it. It makes me think of one evening in Stone Town when we watched in worrisome wonder as a group of young lads hurled themselves into the returning tide.

This exhilarating game involved each boy taking a long run up to the end of the sea wall from where he would leap into the air, contort his body into an outlandish pose before colliding into the sea below.

Eventually we realised that the boys needed to get their landings spot on as a metre the wrong way would be disastrous.  Beneath the waters hide large jagged rocks and when one boy stood on these, we saw that the water level just skimmed his knees. We watched with baited breath till one by one the boys entertained us with their dangerous game. 


  1. Amazing shots! Ah to be young and fearless

  2. Hitomi's comment made me smile - I was young once but have never been fearless; the idea of taking these kinds of jumpers would always have terrified me and I would have stood back, watching, waiting for the inevitable to happen. These shots are wonderful, though - you captured the youthful exuberance that is so close to stupidity beautifully.

  3. I love these moments, and the fact they enter fully clothed and have their 1st dive...the 1st dive is so precious during warmer weather.

    Both Hitomi & Cee's comments made me smile. I was fearless when young but sometimes I'm even more at this age. When young you have guts and think you'll survive anything: when older you'll get intuition and the feeling like 'I still wanna do this before I turn..." :)

  4. these photo's are amazing ^^ my fiance is from Plymouth and this kind of 'game' happens a lot there during summer.

  5. haha very good photo idea! I really like the way how you capture the moments <3

  6. lovely photos!


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