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My brother-in-law is a funny fellow. I always look forward to talking to him because I am never entirely sure that I completely understand what he is saying but at the same time it doesn't seem to matter and I can just blithely wade about in his words. 

On our recent adventure together, we ventured into the Forest of Dean in search of a famous viewing point called the Yat Rock. All the while he was chattering on about something he called "Minus Ion". From what I gather, it is something in the air best found in forests that is really good for your well-being. I could be wrong, I often am. Anyway he would make regular stops on our walk when he'd breath in deeply and declare, "Minus Ion", before plodding onwards and upwards towards the Rock.

Backpack from Eastpak

Wellington boots from Hunter. Butterfly shorts and jumper from Topshop.

We did eventually make it to Yat Rock and the view was breathtaking. Gently undulating hills, swathes of lush valleys and tufts of forest for as far as the eye can see. A sight impressive enough to put any gloom-ridden soul at rest for a while.  We chilled out here just looking out at the wonder before us and being happy to have each other for company. 

By the way, I really like the smell of forests and am of the opinion that they smell very different in different countries. In Japan for instance, the fragrance of the cedar trees take centre stage. In Tanzania, it is the foliage and fruit that scent the forest and in England it is the marvellous scent of the mossy damp earth. 

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  1. This place is amazing, would love to wander around here :)) No idea what your brother in law was saying either, interesting, well, i understood, but it would have been one of those moments that I would have been listening but at the same time been trying to take in the space, so I wouldn't have been listening to my full capacity and most likely wanting everyone to be quiet, so I could get lost in a daydream, haha!! Love your outfit and those boots, so cute. I have some, but mine are black with butterflies all over them :) This place is impressive & I'm always sure different places smell different from each other & as soon as I smell the particular scents, I can pin point them to a certain place. The woods here smell of moss and bark and certain kinds of flowers depending on where you are, it's quite enjoyable :)) Happy weekend doll, enjoy yourself xx

  2. My goodness you have visited some incredible places in your lifetime, Yasumi! Yat rock looks stunning, particularly the view from the top - just like a postcard. I've never heard of minus ion but I imagine that there are lots of good things for us in forests that we don't find in cities, just because there are so many cars. Still, I shall have to do some research to find out more... and perhaps even make my way to a forest sometime soon :)

  3. he sounds like a curious fellow indeed. i don't get into and explore the countryside enough, we do sometimes but because Hollie's condition she can't go on big walks and I long to.

  4. Minus Ion is nothing new, I don't know what you are going on about, and there's nothing wrong with your brother in law said. I take deep breathe when I go out for walks like that all the time.

    1. Thanks for this Anon. I am quite certain that I did not refer to Minus Ion as something new. Just something that was mentioned. Neither did I say that there was anything 'wrong' with what my bro-in-law said. I am glad that you take deep breaths. So do I.

  5. Is your brother-in-law Japanese? I had never heard of "ion" related things before I went to Japan. Even in beauty - hairdryers and so on - talked about positive and negative ions. As always, your photos are gorgeous. I need to find a partner-in-crime who can take photos of me like that!

  6. i love the way you describe the smell of forests in different places. and i love how you did your hair!


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