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Said a friend to I: "Those loose clothes of yours don't do anything for your figure"

Said I to my friend: "I like them"
Said a friend to I: "They are so unsexy"
Said I to my friend: "But I feel good in them"
Said a friend to I: "I say if you've got it, flaunt it".
Said a friend to I: "Why?"

Then my mind wandered as the smell of jerk chicken wafted through the air and thankfully the rest of the conversation faded. 

Being comfortable is important to me. I am mostly comfortable in my own skin and so like to feel comfortable in my own clothes too. Tight and prone to awkwardly migrating clothing sometimes make me feel quite fidgety and distract me in the most inconvenient of ways.

I made this top myself. The mask was bought in Tokyo.
Sandals are from Office (bought a few years ago). The culottes are from ASOS.

Cloth designed by Naomi Ito for Nani IRO Japan.
I do like dresses and skirts and even closer fitting forms of both when the mood takes me. Yet I also like loose-fitting garments that allow me a freedom of movement that I enjoy in my everyday life and the basic shapes and minimal design represent a form of honesty that I crave. I find it quite fascinating why some people are of the opinion that the latter are somehow less flattering/feminine. Is it a cultural difference of opinion perhaps? I wonder!

I suppose it is a culmination of these ideas that lead me to draft the pattern for and  this top. It was simple to sew and I like how it turned out.

The cloth is 100% cotton double gauze which is very soft, airy and so lovely in summer. The abstract mountain design is something that I fell for instantly. It is made in Japan and designed by Naomi Ito for Nani IRO.

P.S. This is the newest mask in my collection. I bought it in Tokyo but will talk about it properly soon!



  1. I like your outfit! Whatever you feel comfortable in is best. I love being in very comfortable clothes especially when I am at home so I love wearing loose-fitting outfits too. I much rather be comfortable and unsexy than look somewhat sexy and be uncomfortable.


    1. I am with you Kat! Being uncomfortable is not sexy :)

  2. I am of the same ilk, I can wear either fitted or loose depending on my druther, but I don't cotton to the idea of fitted being the only way to feel sexy/attractive. That's just some people's opinion, I guess what they like.
    The funny thing, is that I cannot picture someone saying that to a man. Maybe it's been said, but it seems less likely.

  3. There's certainly a cultural element i think.That top is very feminine making wrists look teeny. Personally I find sexy is more to do with the wearer than whether the clothing is tight or loose. Figure hugging can look amazing when the wearer is confident. When I see people in skintight clothing that they're obviously uncomfortable in - constantly pulling something down, adjusting, holding breath etc - it is incredibly unsexy. I do have mild Victorian tendencies though - I think flashes of shoulder, neck, back etc are sexy enough ;)

  4. I really like your top, it's lovely and elegant :) I guess it's just everyones personal opinion..some people do feel more comfortable and/or attractive in tighter/fitted clothing, some don't. I definitely don't, I love loose fitted, baggy clothing but I tend to just dress for my mood anyway :)

    For me, when I do see someone in super tight clothing, pulling it down or pushing it up..I often wonder who they are actually dressing for? and the same goes for men too. When I see guys looking uncomfortable in a tight pair of skinny jeans or tugging at their shirt collar, I'm wondering why, who are dressing for? Because it's certainly not for themselves..

    sorry for my ramblings of nonsense ><


  5. wearing loose fit clothes are sexy! the top look great on you. whatever we feel comfortable wearing, our confidence will shine through and that is sexy.

    Katrina Sophia

  6. I think it's so imporant to just feel comfortable in your own clothes. I dislike the discomfort clothes can bring when you know you can put on something comfortable and nice as well. I think the top is gorgeous and very feminine. There's only so much to say for the "If you've got it, flaunt it"-technique. I prefer people who are/look comfortable and confident, it's much more powerful. :)

  7. I love your blouse; it's beautiful! I'd definitely wear it -- I prefer loose-ish and comfortable (and modest!) too. You are really talented! :)

  8. Youre so talented Yasumi! What a beautiful top- I like wearing loose clothes too. Im not about that batty rider life.

  9. I adore makeup and girly outfits, and some days I know I can knock em dead. Then other days I just want to wear something very comfy and anti fashionable..and then there are days when I am GOING to wear the LAMB shoes even though they are killers because I love their 'ugly beauty'. I also love Birkenstocks, or any kind of shoe shaped like a Cornish Pasty. I love boxy tops though they do nothing for me, and who could forget parachute pants? That the wonderful thing about fashion or style. It is what you want it to be. It dresses the person you are that day. The 20s were deeply unflattering, with makeup and silhouette, but boy, we loved it. To us now it looks beautiful. It allowed us to ridee bikes and dance. Good clothe enable rather than stifle, and that is what you are doing with your lovely new top too x

  10. I don't think I could adore you more. You're an inspiration and part of it is how unaware you seem of the fact you truly bring light to people. At a time when women (I include myself here), are co-erced into figure hugging clothes and paranoid over their figures, with self esteem plummeting far too fast, you appear, in the most wonderfully crafted top and talking complete and utter sense. You also look incredibly stylish and I love the addition of the mask.
    This is one of my favourite posts of yours to date x

  11. I must admit that I have a real problem with statements like, "Those clothes do nothing for your figure." Wearing clothes is not, inherently, about pleasing anyone, least of all passersby who might appreciate one's figure. Wearing clothes is about expressing who you are and, on the most basic level, shielding yourself against the elements so that you feel comfortable. Comfort is key - and whatever makes you feel best is exactly what you should wear!

  12. You're a funny one Yasumi! I agree though, why forefit comfort (that you deed stylish yourself) for something which is style of substance - especially with the notion of dressing to impress others. That isn't freedom, the above is.

    Buckets & Spades Blog

  13. I like all kinds of things to wear and no matter how many body con dresses I like, I know that once I put it on, I willf ind myself in all kinds of mess. Walking, having it consistantly ride up, feel to hot because it's tight, I will spend the day in agony and not be too pleasant to be around because I can't mask annoyance or un-easyness too well. I love to dress up and wear all kind of clothes, BUT...they must be relaxing to me, comfortable always. I dress up in all kinds of crazy things, but I always feel relaxed in them, the moment I put something on that I feel awkward or uptight in, it has to go. And I'm sorry, showing off curves does not equal sexy - a confident and bright strong spirit does and you feel sexy for yourself, not anyone else!! And you don't have to flaunt anything...sexy doesn't always mean stylish and stylish doesn't always mean chic or looking good. Confidence in what we wear no matter what it is - is sexy or whatever, haha. If you think your sexy or beautiful or your husband does, then who the heck else is to comment on such things, I would have told this person to take a long walk off a short pier and leave me to be me, because I am all kinds of awesomeness, hahaha!! I love this look, the top could go with a skirt as well. And the shape is perfect, no need to be tighter or more fitted, it's perfect as is & so are YOU <333

  14. I always believe that clothes are meant to make the wearer feel happy, not the observer of the wearer. You look awesome, and your style suits you so well, I think. PAH to that friend!

  15. Those cheeks look soooooooooo tasty.
    I think 'sexiness' comes with confidence and confidence comes with comfort. Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

  16. that is such a beautiful top and such a great mask! i have always loved loose fitting clothing. a lot of people thought it was because i was insecure but i just love the free flow movement of the clothes. i had so many comments hurled at me from when i was super thin to now (i have gained a few pounds) and i just keep saying the same thing over and over again - i like loose fitting clothes. :)


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