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For Hiro seeing a city by day in natural light is an incomplete story without seeing it also by night in artificial light. 

So quietly, steadily and persistently as we've blogged about our adventures over the years, Hiro has captured the features of each   place that we've slept in, by the glow of night. 

Here are a few of our favourites:

Louvre Palace, Paris. The original post can be found HERE
Shibu Onsen, Japan. The original post can be found HERE.

London from the Shard. The original post can be found HERE
Matera, Italy. The original post can be found HERE

It takes a lot of practice and patience to take the kind of night shots we like. The sort that may not be professionally perfect but distill the mood of the place for our memories. Hiro says that a tripod helps - though he has been known to use my shoulder to steady his camera on occasion. Countless hours I've watched Hiro huff and mumble to himself whilst messing with shutter speeds and ISO levels during which time I've nursed countless sneaky tipples and taken in the night air of so many beautiful places.

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  1. these are beautiful, seriously beautiful.
    my favourite time in any city is wandering around it at night, when everything is lit up and the air is cooler and calm. The photo of Shibu Onsen is stunning!

  2. such beautiful glows. i absolutely love the one from italy.

  3. Nights shots can be an absolute trick and a pain, but these are surely worth it. So lovely.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  4. wow they are gorgeous! yes you're right it take a while to reach such a good result, but I can tell that it is worth!

  5. You guys sound like the perfect travel partners.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. Night photos are definitely challenging but these are great! Not blurry which is a big criterion for me :). LOVE the yellow glow of the city in Italy.


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