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I've been doing some thinking lately. Giving root to little saplings of thinkings that tumble out of my constant questioning of myself when I am not looking. 

Blogging is an odd thing to do isn't it? Sharing excerpts of our life and thoughts with anyone with the time to stop and look/read. Sometimes I wonder why I am still doing this. Then I remember that there are few people in the world who have an appetite for my chats about Africa, abandoned spaces, sewing, Jamaican music, packaging, the subtle variations of black/blue ink etc 

In truth, I am an outsider/loner/weirdo. I know that this is a consequence of being myself and being stubbornly comfortable with it. As time passes I realise that I have less and less in common with people that I come across and it is increasingly common to be met with looks of bewilderment when I talk to people about my interests or points of view. Equally, when people talk to me about stuff important to them......I haven't a clue what they are talking about. I also realise that I am comfortable with these distances of psychology yet somehow it makes others uneasy around me.  

Funny enough, Hiro is just the same. So we exist in our own little bubble of comfortable happy oddness when we are together. 

Don't suppose that anyone else is prone to bubble-living?


  1. This is exactly me and my husband, we live in our own worlds...we've been told that as well, haha. I have things in common with people, but yet not in common. It can be a weird thing or lonely...but every now and then I come across someone that feels or is the same...so I know it's not all completely darkness or alone out there. And I just keep on being me....x

  2. oh yasumi. i think i know what you mean. my husband and i, after leaving new york and our friends and family, it's been harder to make friends. well for yangkyu i think it's easier but i find it harder to do. i am so stubborn when it comes to values and morals and when it clashes with people i meet i can't help but stay distant from them. and with interests as well.. i feel like i don't know many people who have the same interests as me - i'm a weird mix of different things :) i can also be terribly awkward and quiet but with very close friends i could be so loud and animated. i like the tiny bubbles we make for ourselves.. i think people judge a lot.. like why don't i have any friends, which used to bother me so much but after cutting those people out of my life i've been much much happier inside my bubble and with the people who understand them :)

  3. I totally can relate to you on this.. I am never entirely comfortable with people, I just get awkward and nervous but with my family, friends I trust and boyfriend I relax and be myself. I dont know whether it is because of my deafness or not but if I think about it, I think I will be the same if I am hearing.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. great post, I feel exactly the same. Partly due to my personality but also my life experiences. I've spent a lot of time in hospital then recuperating at home, this distances you from friends, both physically and mentally. My husband and I definitely live in our own little bubble, even more so since we've had our son. <3

    Trona @ Aye Lined 

  5. I can certainly relate to this. I've always felt that way, but it wasn't until later in life that I came to accept it and started to embrace it. I've been much happier since. I wish I had come to terms with it earlier; it would have saved me so much grief in my younger years. Great post!

  6. I think since I decided to go freelance, working alone most of the day has been a heightening factoring to bring on similar feeling. I'm totally ok with this and our chats we have, about things that matter to us but mean nothing to others has made me feel better about every day life. That may sound dramatic but it's true, I don't care if other's don't share the weirdments we sometimes share, it's surely more fun than bottling it up?

  7. It's interesting to read a post like this... because although I am lucky to have a wide circle of people who accept and even love me, despite all of my quirks... I have always felt, and continue to feel, like an outsider. I'm told that this is normal of writers, that we have to feel different from others or we wouldn't seek new way to express ourselves and communicate, but it's still an unusual way to go through life. And yet, it's the only one I know, and I can't say I'm not happy with it. Quite the contrary, in fact. I'm not sure I'm quite guilty of bubble living but I am certainly stubbornly myself and refuse to change for anyone. And I think it's one of my best qualities, so I'm sure it's one of yours, too :)


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