| Photo Diary | Sunrise in Zanzibar

Sunrise is every bit as beautiful as her sister Sunset. We woke one particular daybreak on a lonely beach in Zanzibar to find that she had shot shades of pink and lilac into the skies. 

Travelling has a way of putting life into perspective and as I breathed the air of my motherland I was reminded of me as a child. A  scared little girl who while facing a road of obstacles, dreamed of leaving Africa. Now that I am grown I dream of returning to seek out the beauty of my memories. I wish I could have spoken to little me on the day that our father gave us up to be adopted by relatives. I would have said to me; "be strong little girl, the future will be hard but bright.....So bright. And one day you will come back home again and you will be so happy that you came".

That day when Hiro woke me so that we could watch the sunrise together, I stumbled out of our hut with just a secondhand shirt over my night-dress and shuffled about the beach thinking about nothing but how beautiful life is. That day if Mr Stickhead offered me a job in his tourist information office. I would have taken it in a heartbeat.

If you could go back and meet yourself as a child. What would you say?


  1. This was beautiful doll, what a marvellous place, I love the feeling of watching the sun rise, it's humbling....like being reborn somehow. The colours and power that rises with it. The part about your father was sad. If I could go and tell the younger me something, I would tell her to keep strong and all the rough times I would go through will make me even stronger, continue to be happy & not let anyone steal my sunshine. I am loved and I'm ok as I am. And that the things you go through are not your fault, let them go and lay with the ones who's fault it is...just be happy. And that one day, you'll move away and find happiness with someone and all will be marvellous. And that the world is a great big place waiting for you to grab it, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! That would have been nice to hear!! I need to go and see this magical place soon :)))) x

  2. So so breathtaking! I can't remember when is the last time I see sunrise.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. Sunrise is the most underrated time of day, I've always thought. Personally, I prefer it to the sunset because along with the beautiful skies there is a general feeling of being alone in the world because so few people rise to see it. You have been on quite the journey in your life but you've emerged as such an incredible person - and it's that journey that shaped you and made you who you are. If I were to meet myself as a child, I don't know what I would say; I was a very sheltered little girl, protected and cared for by dedicated, loving parents who do so much for me even now. I should probably remind my child self to appreciate them more.

  4. Beautiful, as always. Please write a book x

  5. To myself as a child I have no idea what I would say......
    Those pictures are amazing, daybreak looks very stirring :) x

  6. Love the pictures and love the honesty and small insight into a small portion of your life and thoughts.

    I had to think long and hard about this one...what would I say to my child self?
    Don't be afraid to dream big and attain what you can. But do not despair if you can't achieve some.
    You'll never have a normally functioning heart but you can function and live life fully by putting your heart into all you do and everyone you meet. Although it's human nature, try not to judge people and greet everyone with kindness. You can judge them after you know what's in their heart.


  7. These pictures are stunning. Id absolutely love to visit Zanzbar one day. Thanks for sharing your story xx

  8. that sunrise is glorious yasumi. and so much honesty and truth in this post. thanks so much for sharing a piece of your life. it's lovely to get to know you more. i would tell my younger self that i don't need to conform to fit in. i went through so many phases where i had low self esteem because i wasn't doing what everyone else was doing.. whether that was in clothes or hobbies or what not. and my family wasn't the traditional church going korean american family.. you know the acceptable kind. the every other family kind. sometimes it was hard as a young person but i am glad at times i stuck to what i thought was right and was me. i wish to reinforce that. :)


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