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Recently, we escaped to the Forest of Dean where we found adventures + rejuvenation by winding our way around the verdant meadows, country lanes, lakes and forests. 

We are far too lackadaisical to do any strenuous hiking or rambling. Instead we dawdle our way in the fresh air taking in the aleatory beauty of nature in the British countryside.

P.S. I wore this dress HERE and HERE

Comfort precedes elegance on forest walkabouts so my faithful old denim shirt came in handy. It is beginning to show all the signs of age and dare I say it, overuse. Parts of it are a little threadbare yet it gets softer and somehow more comfortable with each wash and wear. 

While it may be tatty and can never seriously be regarded as smart, it is so versatile on adventures and perfect for layering. I don't think I could ever chuck this shirt. So I've found some inspiration from a very talented fellow Instagramer Brown Tabby Works AKA Naritabby. Mr Narita runs a secondhand clothing and repair shop in Osaka where he does some truly wonderful repair work using Sashiko techniques. I must visit his shop one day!

Sashiko is a traditional Japanese stitching technique that dates back to the Edo Period. It was mainly used by fishermen and farmers to protect or  patch up the holes in their clothes.  Mending things is a skill rarely celebrated these days but it is something that I tend to do more of.

Do you have a humble garment that you just cannot part with?

LINKS |Naritabby Instagram|Brown Tabby Website|Sashiko Wikipedia|


  1. I think half of my wardobe (which, if you saw the lot of it, is decidedly unglamorous) is comprised of pieces just like your denim shirt. Humble, old and slightly threadbare but well-loved and perfect for laying. Clothes you truly love are so hard to find that I refuse to get rid of anything I'm attached to... no matter how awful it looks. (Except for shoes. Ruined shoes must go.) I doubt I could do anything as clever or unusual as Mr. Narita to improve my old things but I do love the idea of it...!

  2. What a wonderful place, I would certainly like it here :))) Adore the top, looks comfy and realing. But, I will admit, I adore the dress you have on, haha. I love love love it so :))) It's perfect!! The details at the bottom are perfect for me, the kind of dress, I would find my fingers rubbing together over as I like the feeling. I have some cardigans and dresses that I have to mend a lot because they are so old and I've had them that long, but I cannot part with them, as I love them too much :)) xx

  3. Lovely photos and very interesting to read about sashiko!

  4. These photos are lovely and it was very interesting to find out more about sashiko!

  5. that stitching technique is lovely. i have a long dress shirt that is so over worn but i can't part with it because i love the shape of it. i always wore it with my jeans that had those perfect holes in the knees with birkenstocks (well until i stepped on dog poop so badly that i threw away the birks.. sigh} :)

  6. Beautiful pictures, loving the one with fallen tree in the river. Sad but intriguing! I have a woollen cardigan that I cannot part with. It is tad too ugly to wear in public but I wear it all the time at the studio or at the evenings if I get cold.

    Thank you so much for your comment and encouragement! Meant a lot xx

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  7. I'm so attached with a lot of pieces from my wardrobe. I'll still wear them or try to patch them as good and cool as i can to keep on using it.
    I love the stiching technique with the blue thread making a light contrast on the shirt. Beautiful texture as a result! Gonna dig some more about Sashiko.

  8. Mr Narita sounds ah-ma-zing! I have some clothes that I truly adore and even if torn or stained, I still keep them for God knows what reason.. my 501 jeans practically dismantled itself knee down but still.. its so good to wear especially lounging around the house looking like a hobo LOL! Thanks for sharing about Mr Narita.. one day who knows I might walked in his store too :)


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