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Words squabble about my head when I try to articulate the feelings I encounter when I come to the end of a sewing project. I am a palpitation of accomplishment, expectation and apprehension as I try on the finished garment for the first time. 

My latest project was Deer & Doe's Chardon skirt and I have to smile and say that I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Sunglasses from Liberty and RetroSuperFuture. Skirt made by me.
Silk shirt from Reiss.

Liberty Tana Lawn "Truly Scrumptious" print pocket.

Deer and Doe is a French company specialising in the prettiest "simple, modern and well-cut sewing patterns".  I had this and a couple of others sent over from France recently. They arrived lickety-split in a pretty parcel with a label addressing me as Madam. So many reasons to smile.

Chardon is a high waisted skirt that features inverted box pleats and inseam pockets. 2 things that I have never done before. I opted for a mid-weight high quality cotton from Klona which is made in UK and got a little mischievous with the pockets using a Liberty print cloth that made me think of my little sister and how she would always have sweeties in her pocket. 

I don't think I have ever had a skirt that fit me so well at the waist. I want to make another and another. 

P.S. Pardon my crinkly behind and skewed bow!

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  1. This is GORGEOUS! Love the cut, the material, the cheeky little pockets. Love it all! Brava! ...you might start getting order requests ;)

  2. Ahhh...look at you!! Stunning is not a big enough word!! Love this look doll and of course my favourite part is the 'sweeties in the pockets' hahaha!! Being me, I would continuosly turn out my pockets, so I could see the sweety fabric, hahahaha! People would wonder what was going on with this strange girl turning out her pockets and smiling to herself, haha!! I love it so...you must keep making these, more and more!! Will be your signature skirts...with different things that come out of the pocket - The 'curiousity skirt' you can call it!! Hahaha...I love it...brilliant you are :)))))) Xxx

  3. Lovely skirt and the cute Liberty print pockets is wonderful.....utterly kitsch! Glad to have discovered your blog. Have a wonderful week!
    May x

  4. You have very creative hands, my lovely. The skirt is so pretty. I just adore this brilliant shade of ocean blue, and the pocket detail, so surprising. You ought to be proud of yourself;-)
    I think you should make another, and another, and another. Don't you?

  5. oh my gosh yasumi!! i love love that skirt so much and i love the pockets!

  6. What a lovely skirt in such a beautiful color! I love the pockets; I'd be turning it out to look at it all the time :)

  7. I just love the cut, color, style and quality of fabric on this skirt. I'm so amazed how something could be so perfect! It's professional when it needs to be and casual as well. A solid all around skirt! Will you make these or the pattern available for order? Internationally?
    The pockets are a treat too, to have them on a skirt and to have fun surprises!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  8. Oh my goodness, Yasumi, what a beautiful job you did! This skirt looks just as I envisioned it would, only better because of the bow on the back and the most adorably printed pockets I have ever seen. You are a vision in this outfit, among the flowers and old stones, but I can just as easily envision you strolling the banks of the Seine in this beautiful ensemble!

  9. It's adorable and you've styled it wonderfully. Is there anything you can't turn your hand to? Inspirational x

  10. Lovely blue and cut and well sewn! I love the pockets. How about variation in length? A longer one would be lovely too!

  11. This looks incredible Yasumi, so elegant, the whole lot. Really excellent photos here too, Hiro's doing a top job. Well done on the project!

  12. hang on, you made it yourself? wow that is amazing! the skirt seems to be well made and fit you perfectly! the pockets are just brilliant.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  13. Awww...so cute! Love the color and the cut. Love the printed pocket too.

  14. I like that little surprise in the pockets! Very unexpected and cute :) I could totally see myself wearing this combination, it is just right for any occasion - out, travel, shopping.. therefore it gets my 100% vote! I really like your easy unpretentious style and you own it!


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