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Hiro is just fab! He always manages to catch me in a good light. I dislike (and feel uncomfortable) with other people taking photos of me, yet somehow I have grown so used to Hiro doing it that I barely notice. 

My trousers are designed and made in Japan by Kapital Denim. Hiro will probably blog about Kapital in the near future so I will keep my thoughts brief. I bought these because they are so well constructed. I like the shape of the trousers, they are unisex and the pockets are just so unique and comfy! 

I often wear Hiro's clothes so we are buying more and more unisex garments these days. It always amazes me how different a garment can look, depending on how an item is styled and worn.

The square cut jersey top is from All Saints in London. The bag is from Longchamp and the plimsoles from H&M.

P.S. shima-shima means stripy or striped in Japanese.

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  1. I really like this outfit. The trousers look very comfy.

  2. i love those pants! and that first picture is amazing.

  3. Gorgeous as always, love the trousers, so cute. Stripes are marvellous :) x

  4. That's such a Japanese outfit! Love it!

  5. Isn't it interesting how the men who look at us with love can capture us best in photos? I've never considered myself photogenic and in fact am very nervous to work with new photographers because my discomfort in front of the camera always shows through in their photos... But Ian always knows how to catch my best side and it's obvious that Hiro knows how to catch yours. Sadly there is too much of a height difference between the two of us for clothes sharing as I always want to borrow his dress shirts. And the idea of unisex pants seems rather brilliant, I must admit, although you wear them in such a feminine way I would never have guessed that they were unisex!

  6. Love the outfits and the lovely pictures of you.


  7. I really like your style Yasumi, you can always count on it being comfy!

    Buckets & Spades

  8. Love those trousers, while they do nothing for the butt, they seem like a good investment for comfort!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  9. Lovely pics, particularly the second one such a beautiful profile


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