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People are often curious about how I go about making the items for my shop. Up till now I have been a little nervous about sharing details from my little workshop. I admit that I have been worried about copy-cats and so kept my work in the shade in many ways. I've got over that fear now, very little in life is truly original and more positively, we grow in many ways by sharing. Learning from each other is a beautiful thing!

Scissors from Anything Design. Coloured Pencils from Tombow. Fabric pencils from Clover. Tray from Fog Linen. Multi pen from Pilot. Highlighters from Zebra. Pins from Sajou. Tape from MT.

My sewn items always start out as scraps of paper. I tend use whatever I can find in our home so my patterns can be drawn on A4 paper, greaseproof paper and even brown parcel paper. Often these are not wide enough so I use bits of tape to stick my scraps together to complete a pattern. 

My memory hasn't the space to remember all the little notes that I will myself to remember whilst making each item so I often make notes on the patterns and highlight them with shocking colours that will catch my attention (after a pattern hasn't been used for a while) and to myself smile.

While a use a variety of drawing and writing implements one of the most important tools I use is a wide ruler. This one once belonged to Hiro's dad and we think it is over 25 years old. It feels good to work with something with this provenance. I am sure that it makes my work better!


  1. This is super doll, it's fun and interesting to see how someone goes about making their treasures :)) xx

  2. i love how you take good care of items and still use them as well. it's a running theme i see and it's really really great to see! that ruler gave me serious memory flashes. i don't know quite what but i swear i've seen similar looking rulers!

  3. you have lovely art supplies! I think I have the same ruler but they are new.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. I love getting to see this little peek into your workshop! It's so true, we grow by sharing and for those of us who will never remotely approach your level of knowledge or skill in pattern making, seeing what you work on and how you do it is utterly fascinating. As with everything you do, you work with such style and whimsy - it's really wonderful to see :)


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