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I am a pen addict. I have so many writing implements and somehow manage to use every single one because every single one was bought with a purpose. (So I tell myself). 

Fountain pens are the best for writing thoughts and ideas because my thoughts and ideas look best in flowing ink. Ballpens are best for my diary and schedulers because they are so colourful come with really skinny nibs so I can fill each day with oodles of doodles. I am just as fussy about highlighters and erasers and pencils too.

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I was recently invited to the newly opened Muji in Islington's press preview and I used the opportunity and generous discount to grab an acrylic storage unit to house my pens (amongst a whole load of other things). Funny enough, I was caught in the act by the bloomin' lovely Emma from Bloomzy!

Muji's acrylic storage units provide a clean, minimal, durable and customisable solution for keeping little bits and pieces tidy. This particular configuration would also work well for storing sunglasses, spectacles and other stationery items. I will probably need another one because this is less than half of my pens.........Yes, I know! Crazy! But I do scribble a lot.

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  1. I love the muji boxes, they are wonderful!! Would be great to wander around here :)))

  2. Great idea! I love it. It's definitely better than the system I have, which isn't really working out well as I still have pens all over the place and can never seem to find one when I need it.


  3. I love pens too! Friends usually comment about how I have so so many. I love this storage so much, definitely something I need!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. I love pens and stationary AND the look of acrylic boxes (and trays, you should really see my vanity) so of course this is right up my alley. I wish I had a MUJI myself!

  5. there was a muji that i used to always go to in new york. love that place so much. and i am a complete pen addict as well. i get all different types - thin, thick, ballpoint, marker-type. i used to love all sorts of pencil holders/pouches too. do you remember the ones where they were boxy and they had different buttons and it was eject the eraser holder or a mini ruler? i remember having them when i was young in korea. :) and i have a thing for erasers too! i love the soft kind! :D

  6. So this is what they call the muji boxes. They are indeed perfect for organizing things like pens. I want this!!!


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