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We don't normally do event shout outs on this blog but that's because most events don't call to us so to speak. We recently heard about L'Eroica Brittania and were duly impressed by the concept and heritage behind it so it felt right to share!

3 days of vintage shopping, music, stunning English scenery, lashings of scrumptiousness and not to mention the cycling. Speaking of which, imagine the spectacle of 2000 riders in vintage attire upon pre-1987 cycles. This could magnificent. So if you have the time, inclination or just happened to be in the area......stop by! It's free! We would if we could.

LINKS |L'Eroica Brittania Website |


  1. Sounds marvellous, if I lived closer, I would most definitely come :)) Happy weekend doll xx

  2. sounds great! and that is such a beautiful poster.


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