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This is my beloved Mzuri clutch from Aspiga.  Mzuri because means good in Swahili, very fitting I think. It is something that will make many an appearance on the blog in the future so I thought it deserved a post all of its own.

This gorgeous and intricately beaded clutch has become more than just an occasional accessory to me. It something that I take on every adventure and look at everyday and wonder at the workmanship and time that it must have taken to place every single little seed bead in place. It is a stunning item that sings of quality and is just at home at a fancy evening soiree as it is in a park full of cherry blossoms.  Come to think of it, I have not taken it anywhere without receiving compliments galore. 

Aspiga's Mzuri clutch features intricate beadwork on the front and reverse. It is lined with satin, has in internal pocket and a  has a silver plated magnetic closure. 

Aspiga in sakura
Jumper from Muji. Scarf from a street vendor in Zanzibar. Clutch from Aspiga.

I love coming across brands that put a lot of heart into what they do. Today' s world can be cruelly avaricious so finding people that  care about how they treat people while conducting their business restores our faith in humanity. Aspiga is such a brand. Established by Lucy McNamara in 2006 after a holiday in Kenya, Aspiga is an online shop providing luxury ethical items that are designed in UK and handmade in Africa and India. 

Aspiga do their bit to "fight poverty through trade" by working closely with local individuals leading small work forces who use traditional techniques to hand make the stunning items in their shop. They not provide jobs and pay fairly for their items but encourage good working conditions, fair wages and help to maintain traditional craftsmanship. It is no wonder then that Aspiga's ethical values resonate with our own.

P.S. Aspiga did a wonderful piece on their blog about Kenya it is really worth checking out! We LOVE it see it HERE.

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  1. It's a stunning clutch! You can tell just how much time and effort went into making it as it is completely beaded. Beautiful!


  2. Oh my goodness, what an utterly stunning piece. In an H&M and Zara world, craftsmanship like this is not quite as rare as it seems but it almost never gets the recognition that it so richly deserves. If this beauty were mine, I would want to carry it every day, too!

  3. What a stunning clutch! I love it when brands are transparent about how their goods are made and let it be known that people are being treated fairly while creating our fashion.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Oh my, this clutch is ever so gorgeous, love it so :) The colours are perfect, love beading. And its great what this bnrand does as well, I love coming across brands like this, that give a damn!! Even more perfect xx

  5. it's such a lovely piece. and i am all for workplaces that fosters everything you mention. fair wages, good working conditions are so important.

  6. Such labor to put all the seed beads in place! Beautiful.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  7. This is beautiful and I'm keen to find out more about the brand.


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