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One recent long weekend, three of us set off on an adventure into the English countryside. A good deal of time was spent driving along some very picturesque country lanes. We were on such a lane when we doubled back on ourselves....

The extraordinary sight of an abandoned garage caught our eye and naturally, we had to take a closer look. 

The poetry of hard metallic parts slowly being subdued by fluttering foliage was a real tribute to nature's persuasive eloquence.

The gritty sepia toned photos were a bit of a happy accident. I had not remembered what film and lens I had set my Hipstagram app to. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised with the rather haunting air that I managed to capture. 


  1. Great photos. Who would habe thought that you can find such a scene in England.

    Kati from black.white.vivid.

  2. love how they turned out! i was just reading an article on huffington post on the world's most intriguing abandoned places. they really are hauntingly beautiful and amazing.

  3. What a wonderfully magical discovery! Nature is a truly powerful thing... what we leave behind, it will always take over and make part of itself in the end. There truly is something poetic about it. These photos are gorgeous - I wish I had been there with you!

  4. wow! they are hauntingly beautiful. would love to visit.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  5. You manage to take the most awesome looking pictures.


  6. I love these kinds of places. I remember going to these kinds of places as a child with friends and we would make a little fort like place inside one of the buses. Ha!! You'd find a lot of these in the country side where my Aunt & Uncle lived. These photos are amazing xx

  7. Amazing photos. Too see something like this is a bit of a time warp. So crazy.
    Carolyn | BLOG


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