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In my opinion, personal style is something as naturally individual to us as our own personalities. And like our personalities, there are moments in life when we are more susceptible (possibly vulnerable) to media influences.  

When it comes to blogging about personal style, I must say that I am increasingly comfortable in wearing the same things over and over again.

Leather jackets first appeared on the blog in 2011 
 See by Chloe bag first featured on the blog in 2011. 
Doctor Martens shoes first appeared on the blog in 2012
Take these items for example. My old leather jacket, Doctor Martens lace-ups and even my slightly tatty See By Chloe bag. They are growing old with me and I still enjoy their company. Shunning them and dumping them "just because" for something more on-trend just doesn't seem right. 

Now and again I will get some "helpful" anonymous ornery comment reminding me that I have worn this or that on my blog before. And so to those people I would like to say this. There are no prizes for spotting these things. I like things that last and when I like something, I will use it again and again till it falls apart. Just as I blog about things that I genuinely like, I only wear things that I genuinely like. There is no pretension in that. 


  1. I am the very same Yasumi, though no one has pointed this out to me. That's a very queer thing to do. I have some new jeans on my blog today but in fact, this is only the second pair I own, I wear jeans nearly every day, and 90% of the time it's my trusty Levi's. I wonder if there's bloggers out there who buy clothes just to wear in outfits and never actually wear them. I am being naive?

    Really like your style my friend, those piece grow with you.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. How silly! The point of a blog is not to see editorials featuring expensive designer things that are never the same twice; if people really want that, they can look in magazines. That's my thinking, anyway. To me, a personal blog is about that person as an individual and of course as individuals we rewear our clothes over and over; to do anything like buy new things constantly just to feed blog content would be absurd, wasteful and frankly, a bit crass. I don't often notice when I see things come up more than once but that's because I'm not specifically looking - I'm just looking at you and how you've put together another unique and wonderfully original look.
    PS: I've been meaning to tell you that if you ever did want to, I would love to work with you and your lovely shop again - I am very much a fan of all the wonderful and whimsical curiousities you create.

  3. You are serious?? You mean there are people who actually think that wearing something repeat or that you've had for a while is a sin? Hell, they've got a problem then! I still have some pieces from the 80s that I still wear let alone from the 90s or this millennium! I say, wear what you like and feel like and the rest can go and blow their whistle somewhere else! :) Have a great week!

  4. I'm very much the same. Many many of my clothing items have lasted me years. My cashmere sweater, for e.g. is ticking the 8th year, it only gets softer each time I wash it by hand. Same story with my handbag, jeans, other staples. Apart from pregnancy or other things going on, I only purchase things I will wear over and over again. I found that over the years, style has everything to do with personality, not so much the things that we wear.

  5. PREACH!
    I also love & share your penchant for contrast socks.
    I spend some time posting on a largely American fashion board, and am constantly boggling at their reluctance to 'repeat' outfits, or even single items; I'll quite happily do so for years, even *gasp* if that particular group of people have seen my one coat before!

  6. I think it's silly to have to wear something completely different every single time you post an outfit, we wear, what we wear and that is it!! I've worn some of the same things on my blog, I don't really care & if someone said something about it, well they don't have to stay on my blog really. Our blogs are our own expressions, not anyone else's, so not to worry on those trolls. You look marvellous as always xx

  7. i agree with you. i love the thought of items that grow old with us. i say, continue to do what you've been doing because your blog is one of the best personal style blogs out there that i've read!

  8. I agree. It's nice to fee comfortable and at ease with clothes.

  9. Vivienne Westwood would be proud :) even though she would prefer we were doing this with her clothes of course. I still wear clothes I bought 20 years ago. Xxxx


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