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How was your Saturday? Mine involved breakfast in the sunshine and the rest of my day battling the shopping crowds on Oxford Street. I dislike crowded shopping particularly on warm days yet Hiro is rather old-fashioned and will never buy something that he has not tried on.

And so the battle commenced.

Breakfast at Cafe Oto, Dalston.
Converted Charity Shop Shirt. Yellow Chuck Taylor All Star Light Trainers. See By Chloe Bag. 
Lipstain is Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge shade #1 "Pink Dreaming" Reviewed HERE

I found this lightweight shirt in a charity shop and paid £3.50 for it. There was a slight but unsightly stain on one of the pockets so I decided to carefully remove them and replace them with oversized Liberty print pockets of my own making. I rather like the measure of contradiction that they bring to the diverging stripes. I am now considering changing the buttons to pale blue ones, if I can find the right ones. The rest of my outfit is made up of old trusty things that are comfortable and easy to wear. 


  1. I think I am equally intrigued by your breakfast and your redone shirt. The Liberty pockets, I could tell immediately, are what I can only think of as a Yasumi special and they make the shirt so very, very you. And that breakfast! It looks a little bit like a frittata inside a slice of naan but I could be guessing completely wrong. Even so, I am utterly intrigued and a bit hungry now :)

  2. you just made your very own CDG shirt for £3.50! Well done, looks so good. I like the fit of your trousers too, I'd like some like that.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. You look so cool :) I love the top, so relaxed, yet chic!! Stunning doll you are, love your cheekbones :))) xx

  4. i love your outfit! i have red chucks but crushing on your yellow ones. and love love what you did with the pockets. i've been some diys and thought about replacing some pockets i have on shirts with nice prints. perhaps a project for the future!

  5. BEAUTY!!!! Nice shirt too! I could do with that shirt right about now to hide my retched mosquito bites

  6. Nice shirt! Its simple but classy. Its unique but trendy.

  7. I really like that shirt, it looks very comfortable.


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