| Hiro Says | It Started in Shinjuku

Hiro was born in Shinjuku and so it is fitting that this is where we will kick off tales from our recent Japan adventures. Shinjuku station is a daunting place. Over 3.5 million people use the station everyday and it has 36 platforms and over 200 exits making it not only the silliest place to try and meet someone but also the busiest transport hub on Earth. Yet, when we land in Shijuku station we really feel like we are in Tokyo and it feels good (for the 1st time at least, it gets less appealing as our stay continues).

The 1st thing that Hiro bought in Japan was a camera. He'd been researching cameras for months and spent another 4 months watching the exchange rates and prices fluctuating with much anticipation so we were both pleased as punch when he walked out of the shop, camera in hand! Since then, the camera and the manual has barely left his side and he managed to take over 2000 photos this trip!

Finding a good camera bag that fits with Hiro's style was never going to be easy so we were delighted when we were asked to collaborate with Eastpak and Size? in giving a couple of their backpacks a test drive on our latest adventure.

Hiro opted for the Eastpak Haster Backpack in Ash Blend. His decision was driven by the designated integrated, externally accessible camera case that makes up the lower half of of the bag.

Hiro says; "This is a bag of practicality that is multi-functional with plenty of pockets and hidden compartments for all the things that I like to keep with me on my Tokyo missions. The Haster is great for day trips and general city life. My only issue with this rucksack (we call backpacks rucksacks in Japan), is that i
t would have been even better if the central divider could be repositioned with velcro like the smaller sections, but overall it’s a great rucksack; perfect for my shadow chasing missions!”

Eastpak Haster Details:

  • Main compartment with zippered closure
  • Ergonomic padded S-curved shoulder strap with sternum strap
  • Two zippered stash front pockets
  • Internal organization with mesh pockets
  • Comfortable quilted padded back with security pocket
  • Camera compartment
  • Measurements: 48cm H x 30cm W and 16cm D.
  • Material: polyamide

LINKS | Eastpak Haster @ Size? |

| Garment details: Cap from New Era. Socks from Happy Socks. Jeans from Kapital Denim Japan. Plaid and lambs leather jacket from Resistance Japan. Trainers are 
Custom-made ‘Jah-irie’ trainers from Converse.  Scarf was from the scarf and kikoy dude in the market in Zanzibar|


  1. Amazing pictures, so cool :)) x

  2. LOVE Hiro's style and that backpack looks MEGA! I think I may get one for Baba. Do you think it would be good for mountain biking? Is it light and super comfortable?

  3. Hiro has crazy ace style, we don't get to see him too much. Hope I can meet you two both some day soon. Great photos of the bag, it's similar to mind but longer with a larger front lower pocket by the looks of it. Looking forward to hearing more of your trip.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Hiro's style is great!
    Ahhhh you're making me miss Japan! Though I'm not a fan of Tokyo - the underground map looks like someone threw spaghetti at a wall and said "that'll do!"

  5. that is a beautiful bag. hiro's style is amazing! did i mention this already? my husband and i hope to go to japan this fall. we're so excited but also scared that the trip might not happen. but we started to research places to go visit :)

  6. Hiro's style is so cool! Pretty awesome that hes born in Shinjuku too. My dad used to take me there whenever we're in Tokyo, now I take my husband there whenever we're in the area too. I cant wait to take my kids there next, we have fond memories there.


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