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Hiro's mother is now my mother and this is something that I celebrate in my heart. She is a very special woman with a treasure trove of talents from football to playing the piano and lyre and extraordinary skills in the kitchen. 

Seasonal starter dish with sea urchin and Japanese razor clam (very different from what we know in the west). Bamboo shoots and wakame and dressed cucumber and crab.

Tuna and olive paté
Hayashi rice made with pork and button and shimeji mushrooms

We all think that our mothers are the best cooks and Hiro's mum wins every time in my mind. Her cooking is always seasonal, carefully and lovingly prepared. Her flavours are always spot on. Sophisticated, multi layered and rounded. I want so much to learn from her and have decided, that I shall follow her around her kitchen making notes on our next visit.


  1. All of this looks so wonderful. Never had any of it, but I would happily sit down to have a try :))) So sweet that you have her to be there with you..very very precious thing xx

  2. oh yum yum! my mom was a great cook but my dad has now taken over and it's the cutest thing when he always asks how things taste after he's prepared something :)

  3. I'd be keen to give the tuna pate a go. Hiro's (and your) mum sounds wonderful!

    Buckets & Spades

  4. It warms my heart to hear about Hiro's mom, especially after learning about your mom. She sounded like a treasure, someone I'd want to go home to. I look forward to learning more about her cooking (maybe even get a taste from her recipes and such).

  5. Not only does your mother-in-law's food look delicious, but her presentation is gorgeous - almost too lovely to eat! When it comes to family cooking, I'm afraid I'm the exception; my mum is not much of a cook (so much so, in fact, that, although I hardly dare say this, I grew up thinking I didn't really enjoy eating.) But my late grandmother could bake like no one else; her apple pies and date squares were like none I've encountered since she passed away.

  6. Hiro's mum sounds fantastic and I am very jealous of all the food you get to have- it looks so delicious! :) x

  7. Ahh hayashi rice! I miss that from 給食! She really does look like a great cook!


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