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Sticking to South Africa today, I thought I would waffle a bit about the curious way in which Saffer's interpret aspects of time. 

According to my boss, "now-now" means right away and "just-now" means sometime soon but not right away. According to my colleagues it is the other way around. 

I found this super little clock in an office  in Johannesburg and it didn't do much to help me crack this code.

Seems to me that South Africans have a rather complicated relationship with the word "now".


  1. That is super cute & I like what it says too :) x

  2. A complicated relationship with the word now, indeed! This clock brought quite a smile to my face, though, I must say - I wish I could tell time this way, at least some of the time, instead of rushing around the way we do in North America :)

  3. A clock full of words that need cracking. it's too early!

    Buckets & Spades


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