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I don't often buy magazines but I went out of my way to seek out and buy Kinfolk's issue 10 which was all about things that get better with age.

The reason why it called out to me is because it offers a refeshing and multi-stranded perspective on aging best summed up by Nathan Williams (Kinfolk's editor in chief) and Georgia Frances King (Kinfolk's editor);

“The older folks in our lives can teach us a lot about how we should live. We believe we’re made fuller by the people, meals and traditions of things past. Other aspects of life also improve with a little time: wine, truffles, a good jar of sauerkraut. Simplicity in design survives longer than the complex. Processes such as fermenting, pickling and curing bring out the flavors in foods through extending their lives. While making this issue, we’ve gleaned kindhearted advice from the elderly friends in our lives, and they all speak the same message: Love a lot, laugh often and once you’re over the peak of that hill, prepare for life to pick up pace as gravity brings you rolling back down the other side. So please: Pour yourself a hot drink, curl up on the couch and enjoy our fresh take on old things.”

This is such a gorgeous publication and I would recommend this issue to anyone with similar view on life to  us. There are still a few copies to be found in independent book/magazine sellers and I have found some on Amazon too.

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  1. How utterly fascinating - I shall have to try to track down a copy for myself!

  2. those images are so beautiful. I know you have African upbringing so that probably helps a lot into respecting ageing/finding beauty in the older. Living in the Caribbean helped too: older women can still be sensual in their opinion. I totally love Zadie Smith's "on Beauty" that discusses this too.

    Anyway, I consider going totally grey at a time being, about when my hair is about 50%...I'll go a 100% on it (with the help of grey dye). Funny how younger girls actually imitate the 'greys' by doing similar silver hairstyles

  3. I love it!! They are gorgeous people and I don't think you have to be afraid of getting older as society would have us believe. No need to go under the knife to try and stop something you can't. Amazing inspirational people :) xx

  4. this sounds like an amazing issue. i love the topic.

  5. How refreshing! This sounds awesome - am definitely going to seek out a copy!



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