| Outfit | The Blind Beggar

One day in March in 1966, Ronnie Kray walked into The Blind Beggar as bold as brass and proceeded to shoot one George Cornell in the head with a 9mm Mauser.

The Blind Beggar has one heck of a notorious past relating to infamous East-end gangs and perhaps it is this ill-famed past that makes it such a source of fascination to me.

We stopped for a swift half pint in the Blind Beggar's curious beer garden, caught a little footie on the telly and took a few photos in the street in by the light of the falling sun. 

My outfit is simple. Cream tights from Other Stories, bag is Dior, Shoes are from Office, Sunglasses are by Tiffany & Co, Shorts from ASOS and the shirt is organic cotton from Muji. I like this shirt because it is so versatile and the cotton is so smooth and breathable, good shirts are not as easy to find as it seems.

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  1. You look stunning as always, love this look x

  2. What is the actual pub like, is it modern now? orange is one of mt favs, i have around 10 pairs of orange socks.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. The Blind Beggar does sound like a fascinating place - although I don't know when I will next be in London (at least outside of the airport), I am adding it to my list of places to visit. And oh, how lovely the light is in these photos. It illuminates you and your outfit so beautifully!

  4. love your outfit & the color of your shorts. places with stories and history are kinda the best!

  5. You look lovely. I must start to wear more orange!


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