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We're doing things a bit different this Friday. We think it's about time we put some moves on you. Time we got out of our seats and shake whatever our mother's gave us.  

Bringing you one of the baddest things around so get up my people, to get down.....with the SOUL TRAIN.

There is a crazy amount inspiration in these two video clips. Get them grooves and them slick moves!

As for the style.....wow! After watching these, I don't think my wardrobe has ever felt so boring.

(The lady in the 1st vid at 2.05.... yeah!!!!)


  1. It's The Souuuuuuuuuuuuuuul Train!! Haha...I used to watch this every time it was on as a child growing up. It's marvellous, so fun seeing everyone dance and have a good time!! The older ones are always the best as the clothes were better and people really got into the dancing!! So cool :)

  2. all aboard the soooooooooul train! this is without a doubt the most funkiest thing i've ever watched. some of those moves and huge bowties! so good.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. yes! i've seen these videos before! the seventies seem like such awesome decade. :)


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