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A friend of mine gave me a great idea for putting old bottles to use. 

Turn them into simple reed diffusers to scent your home. There are plenty of companies that now offer refills so this is great way to recycle and save a few pennies. Mine is currently filled with Compagnie de Provence's Encens Lavande.

If you are not inclined to spending hours rummaging around various vintage and secondhand shops to find old bottles you could always try your luck on eBay. Alternatively, Baldwin's in Walworth stock some excellent reagent jars at a reasonable cost. 

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  1. great idea. i collect all sorts of bottles and use them mainly for flowers but sometimes to keep crafting supplies and hemp ropes. i love having candles and incense but didn't use a lot of diffusers. i have plenty of bottles for this and would love to try.

  2. Whoaa, what did those bottles hold before? Another cute idea I saw is to use them to put a single flower in! I saw that a lot with clear jars (oftentimes bottlenecks) and I think it's so dainty and cute!

  3. Now that is a cool idea, I'll be on the look out.

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Super idea doll...I love scents for the home :) x

  5. Yes, best idea. I love diffusers and it's such an easy thing (like turning jack daniel bottles into vases) xo

  6. I also use my old bottles for something unique. But I use clear bottles. I use them as additional designs at home. I fill up the bottles with colorful marbles in it and put a ribbon on the mouth of it. Now I can do something useful with my colored bottles as diffusers.


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