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I loved, loved, loved scented erasers when I was a young'un. I brim with nostalgia at the very thought of them. I remember making many mistakes accidentally on purpose so that I would have the need to use one (I had many). I would then surreptitiously sniff the page and smile to myself. 

When I last visited the Saatchi Gallery, I spotted these smartly jacketed erasers made by one of my favourite candlemakers, Astier de Villatte. My little heart might have equaled with joy when I realised that the erasers are scented!

And it gets better, or rather more sophisticated. Not a whiff if bubblegum here. Astier de Villatte's erasers emulated their candle namesakes and seem to be targeted at grown-up stationery geeks like me (I think).

Naples is the fragrance of almonds and orange blossoms with yang-ylang.

Mantes-La-Joile combines bergamot, mint and eucalyptus .

Delightful as this pair are, all my smelly eraser dreams would be fulfilled if Astier de Villatte brought out a Kobe eraser. Alas, until that dreamy day, I shall busy myself by accidentally on purpose messing up my pencil scribbles and sniffing my pages just like every completely normal person out there!

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  1. Oh my goodness, everything about these erasers makes me swoon - the elegant black and gold packaging, the crisp white font, and the idea that they smell beautiful! I too have a collection of scented erasers when I was little, and I do think I should start one again :)

  2. Waaah!!! Natsukashii!!! I loved scented erasers too! Unlike you, though, I hoarded them and didn't want to use it. Today is Thursday so this is like a Throw Back Thursday post. How fun that you found "grown up" scented erasers!


  3. I have never seen a scented eraser in my life, ha!! Sounds very interesting though, as I loved erasers as a child too, but they didn't smell that great, I just loved using them. So very cool. And you my dear could wear one of those hair pieces very easily, you are stunning!! And you must know it and believe it and have that confidence ;D xxx

  4. Smelly candle erasers no way! I have a nice collection, though they don't get used enough.

    Mat @ Buckets & Spades

  5. Hmmmm....i do not know about this. Never have used smelly erasers. I am so curious about this. I will def gonna check this out.


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