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I do not take much pleasure from forking out large sums on skincare especially when I have no idea if a particular lotion or potion will actually work. 

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One day way back in 2013, the ever so super lovely A Little Bit of Everything sent me a generous package of love that included some samples of SK-II skincare. Much to my astonishment the Cellumination items took to my skin right away and one thing lead to another and I would up by the SK-II counter in the January sales. Harrods do a great January sale in which a great many premium skincare brands are heavily discounted for a brief time - a perfect time to indulge!

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I have been using the SK-II Cellumination Mask-in lotion for about 4 weeks now. I use it nightly after cleansing but before applying a moisturiser. A pearl-size drop is plenty for my face and neck. A little patted into the skin goes a long way, which is great as I imagine the bottle will last me quite a while yet.

My skin feels smoother and feels softer. It looks brighter, healthier and my pores look less pronounced. I am so pleased to find something that works for me even though I will only be able to afford it once a year!

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  1. I know you have extremely dry skin, but I can't help but want this. I have been using a "lotion" and patting on before I apply my creams and serums and its been life changing for my skin. I can't imagine what this could do for me!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic product, will have to look into this one :) x

  3. Some luxuries in life are well deserved and you deserve this. My pocketbook will cry so I have to skip for now.


  4. I haven't had much luck with SK-II products, but it' s good to hear it's working for someone! I haven't tried the cellumination line before but I wouldn't mind trying some samples now, sounds great!

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