Home Again Lickety-Split

Flying over London makes me feel happy that this is the place I currently call home.

When compared to many European cities which have more tidier and concise town planning, London looks like a vast messy maze. A real life living labyrinth of a city. 

London is timeless, ancient, modern, eccentric and this is such a comfort to me.

 photo IMG_5033.jpg

 photo IMG_5038.jpg

Flying over London at night really puts things in perspective. It spreads out like a massive tangled web of blinking fireflies. Twisted and beautiful!

The 2 pics above where taken with my trusty phone, ninja spy stylee as the hostesses can get quite upset!

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  1. Looks amazing doll, love all the lights. Haven't been to London in years...must return sometime soon :) xx

  2. A right mess! Not allowed to take photos on a plane, what's the deal?

    Buckets & Spades


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