Not Meant To Be Empty

There are things in life that look better empty and there are many that are better filled with life.

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Notebooks should be full in my opinion. Not just with mere words but with hopes, wishes, plans, thoughts, pains, growth, poetry, doodles, photos anything that gives them life. They come alive when they start to fill up, they take on a sort of character, they hold secrets and remind us of passing moments and instances that may have otherwise faded away. Empty notebooks are too sad, like a sea without fish or night sky sans stars. Don't even get me started on contemplating empty diaries......

My most recent notebook acquisitions are from the Moleskine stable. A little haul of less likely shades of the ubiquitous variety, pristine white and marshmallow-hued pastels.

 photo worshipbluesmoleskine1_zpsff04479a.jpg

These pastel coloured Cahiers are new in the UK and the delighted their way into my shopping bag on my laft trip to Daunt Books.

Moleskine have really upped the ante on their website lately and now offer a range of templates and fun things to help us customise our notebooks and diaries. So if you haven't already, you may like to plod over there for a gander.

I am a notebook junky, I have one on the go for the different lives that I lead. I have one to accompany me on adventures, one for blogging, another to the office and more on the side. And, at the end of every year I laugh, cringe, smile and puzzle over the things that I chose to memorise on each page.

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  1. I loved this post! You've worded your opinion so beautifully and it has convinced/inspired me to just jot down more of whatever's on my mind. Previously I was afraid of dirtying my adorable notebook with my imperfect handwriting, but you have me convinced--and relieved! Thank you! >3<

    1. Dirtying? Crazy little chick! You forget that I have seen your handwriting and I know now that it is beautiful and infinately tidy too!

  2. These are fab doll, love the colours x

  3. These notebooks have the perfect pastel-ness...Perhaps *wishful thinking* if I get these, my creative ideas will flourish some more

    1. Hello Birkie!! Happy New Year to you!

      I bet you have the most wonderfilled ideas! GET THEM!!

  4. I have a lot too, though maybe I don't use them as much as I could do. I need to scribble down ideas more. But I do have mine open as I write this now.

    I keep all my diaries, just like you mention. Best thing that came of keeping it was when Hollie was having a gander though an old one and stumbled across "Buy Hollie flowers...", I totally forgot to buy them doh!

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Fill up them notebooks Mat!

      Diaries are fun too! Hiro and I did a joint one in 2010 - the year we got married and it was a lot of fun at the time and even more fun to look back on now. We are doing a joint one again this year as it is our 10th year together :)

  5. beautiful notebooks, liking the pastel tones. I am a notebook junky too, I have loads on the desk next to my bed I jot down ideas and sketch silly stuff when I can.

    Katrina Sophia Blog


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