Going for Bold

Tea is an everyday part of my life, regardless of season and no matter where I am, I will reach for a cuppa at least once a day.

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African teas are a cupboard staple at home. Bold teas to relax with and bold teas to wake up with. Here are 2 of my current favourites:

 photo IMG_6266.jpg

Kromland Organic Rooibos Vanilla tea is a lovely tea to wind down with. It is so soothing with its smoothness. It is naturally sweet with a delicious and inviting aroma owing to the 2 types of vanilla and barely detectable whisper of liquorice which makes it very refreshing. 

 photo IMG_7975-1.jpg

Simba Chai Tangawizi Tea is a full bodied blend of locally grown tea and ginger. Tanzania produces huge amounts of tea and spices so it is a natural union to have black tea and ginger. This bold but well balanced and somehow warming in winter and refreshing in summer. Bought in Tanzania, each cup reminds me of Dar es Salaam! 

 photo WorshipbluesTangawizi1.jpg

On a packaging note, I think the boldness of the teas are well translated by the boldness of the graphics on the boxes. More to add to my Pinterest Board.


  1. I'd like to tea party with you one day! How do you feel about cherry/strawberry-flavored teas?

  2. Lovely stuff. I've not heard of vanilla rooibos tea before. Currently my fav tea is Heath & Heathers Liqurice + Lemon Balm.


    Buckets & Spades

  3. I am missing home like crazy reading this blog. I never drink tea but Kenyan tea is an exception in my heart and tangawizi tea. Oh gosh, reading this blog at 3 AM is not good for my emotions. I am feeling terribly homesick. You made me miss Africa so much. I'm from Kenya but went to school in South Africa and the familiarity of everything is killing me from your visit to Dar (one of my closest friends is from TZ) and your visit to Jo Burg, Ugh!


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