Ela's Gözleme

According to Wikipedia, Gözleme are tradional Turkish pastries made of hand-rolled dough filled with a variety of options that are then sealed and cooked over a griddle.

 photo IMG_3546.jpg

According to me, these are mighty tasty stuffed yummy things made by a trio of lovely resilient ladies on Ridley Rd Market.

 photo IMG_3547.jpg

I opted for the spinach and cheese Gözleme for the handsome price of £2.00, very reasonable because they are filling, BIG in size and in savoury tastiness and lovely to bite into on a frosty day. Lucky for me I live close enough to the market to be able to eat them (whilst till warm) at home.

 photo IMG_3548.jpg

I am sure that these are probably quite simple to make. However, whatever I might be able to make in my kitchen will lack the soul and years of learned experience of the Gözleme made in Ela's little outdoor kitchen.


  1. Haahaha...you picked the two fillings I said out loud when I looked at the menu before I scrolled down to see what you picked!! Yes, spinach and cheese, that looks amazing!! No doubt, I would be at this truck every day having one of these, they look awesome!! x

  2. 2 english pounds! You won' find cheaper than those prices.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. That looks SO tasty.. I'm practically salivating. I wish there are such things here. I love street food. They are the best!


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