Curious Habits: Packing for Adventure

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According to some people, I have some slightly odd packing habits. I am now curious about the pre-adventure routines and habits of other people.

Here are mine for your scrutiny:

  1. I clean my home top to bottom before leaving and change my bedding too because it makes things nicer to come back to.
  2. I let my bank know that I am going away and let them know my destination and arrival/departure dates because they have a habit of putting my accounts on lock-down when I try I access them abroad.
  3. I put my clothes and shoes in Ziploc bags "just in case".  It also helps to lessen creasing and mess.
  4. I like to pack spare underwear in my hand luggage "just in case". You never know if your flight will be delayed and you cannot always access your checked in luggage after it's been handed over!
  5. I pack a Ziploc bag for my seat within my hand luggage so I have everything I need in front of me and don't have to annoy people by constantly moving around. 
  6. I take eye/face sheet masks on board with me in case I have to sit beside a particularly talkative passenger.
  7. I always pack a pen in my hand luggage for landing cards. Flight attendants never seem to have enough pens.
  8. I never wear perfume on flights because scent is such a personal thing. It's ghastly having to sit next to someone with an over-powering fragrance on long flights. Pre-flight showers and deodorant on the other hand are a must!
  9. I always pack a pile of small lightweight hand towels or face cloths. I do this in London anyway because there never seem to be enough disposable ones in public bathrooms.
  10. I take a printed copy of travel, accommodation, transit etc confirmations "just in case". Not eco friendly but internet access is not always easily available.
  11. I sort out my foreign currency needs at Thomas Exchange because I haven't found a place that offers better rates in London.
  12. I always take a photocopy of my passport again.....'Just in case".
  13. I leave a set of house keys with someone I trust ....."Just in case".
What's on your list?? I would love to know!


  1. Wow, you are so much more organized that I am. When I'm leaving on adventure (the few that I have now, or even back then sans bébé) all I stock is food for when we come back. If we have some frozen food in the freezer, we are good to go :-)

    1. I do this too Claire....well I make sure that I have some rice and natto to come home to anyway!

  2. These are great tips for packing! I've had some problems when traveling, and things such as printed itineraries and confirmation numbers have really helped. I also understand about cleaning my house/changing my bedding. It feels great when I get home!

    1. Thanks K! It's so handy to have these things at hand no? I've been in situations where internet access is zero and been so glad that I printed everything. Hope your travels are well?

  3. I do all of the same pretty much!! I think it's important. And nothing drives me bonkers more than sitting next to someone that has to keep getting up and down to go out or get something, so having everything ready and prepared is much nicer!! I clean my house from top to bottom as well, nothing worse than having a relaxing time away and then coming home to a bomb site, not good. I hope you have a great time over the holidays doll, enjoy yourself!! xx

    1. Hello DDH!!! It is always so nice to come home to a clean flat.....post holiday blues are enough to contend with no?

  4. Our lists are similar I'm glad I'm not the only one. Clean house to come back to is such a treat :)


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