3 Things : BLACK

Three things were prominent in my day to day goings on last week.

 photo IMG_7641.jpg

1. Hello Kitty Makeup Palette from Sephora's Noir Collection 2011. This was a gift from Justine from Sakura Lovely Blog. This has cheered me up all week.

2. Montegrappa black ink. I love bottled ink and this luxury ink from one of the world's most renowned pen makers is a joy to use.

3. Kyoto Incense fragrance from Comme des Garcons. This is actually Hiro's and I like using it because smelling like a Japanese temple makes me happy.

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  1. Although I like CdG's perfumes (especially the Red and White Series), Incense was very disappointing. Maybe it smells good on someone else, but it was horrible on my skin. That black ink would be something for me as well. Yes, black is definitely my color.


    1. Fragrance is such a curious and personal thing no? I am your flipside Sandra, the Red series dislikes the chemistry of my skin and doesnt smell as good! I very much want Avignon :)

  2. These are wonderful. Proper ink from a bottle is a delight indeed :))) x


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